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One thing I've observed over five decades: boring people are most often bored. I've lived in the literal middle-of-nowhere in another state and not once was I ever bored.Boring people rely on others to entertain them. They'll be boring and bored wherever they live.

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River Prairie is a pimple on the backside of a pig. People don't care about ripping down forests. Few people have any connection whatsoever to nature and it will only grow worse. Observe what most young people do for recreation. It doesn't involve the woods.

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The veracity of the claim. Given the plethora - hundreds - of racial hoaxes over the past several years, and given screeds made by this individual in The Flipside, I would be surprised if this turns out to be anything other than yet another hoax. It's part and parcel of the belief system into which this individual seems to have been inculcated. Among other things, the ends justify the means, so long as it is in pursuit of the "right" ideals.

Skepticism is good. Among other things, it saves you from looking the dunderhead when the smoke clears, unlike college chancellors and media figures, who, in the case of the former, obsequiously assume the position for toxic identitarians on their campuses, and in the latter, swallow hook-lin-and-sinker because they want to believe these things are true and because they make for good headlines.

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It's also given license for many folks on the Left to make blatantly prejudicial comments about white folks, particularly "deplorable" white people, which is code for "lower income white people." In my lifetime, I never witnessed a campaign that looked down upon working class white people more than Hillary''s campaign through her surrogates and supporters. As a Democrat, it's just stunning to me - the rise of an effete, urban class of people with dare I say "privilege" - mocking and looking down upon working people, though their rhetoric will make it seem that they support those folks. People aren't as dumb as they think and they picked up on that, which is why the Dems will probably lose again. They lost that connection to common people and the last two years with the Russia nonsense and the rise of identitarianism has crystallized that perception.

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There is plenty of data out there reflecting the fact that "project-based learning" is one of the less effective methods of boosting student achievement. PBL was all the rage 10-15 years ago. Education has moved on to new fads. This is not to say that projects are inappropriate for the classroom. However, they certainly should not be the basis of a school's curriculum. You cannot apply something unless you first understand. You cannot "critically think" about something unless you have first built a framework of knowledge. The unfortunate thing, which is also well-documented by neuroscience and cognitive psychology, is that the much maligned "rote learning" of facts and learning is the way in which students build knowledge so that they may apply it afterwards.

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Collaboration is important to millennials. Milliennials value collaboration. Share space. It expands the creativity. Sharing is good. Creativity is good. All for one and one for all. Find your passion. Find your passion amongst others. Shared spaces, safe spaces. Feeling safe is good.

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Welcome to news in the 21st century. This has been proliferating for years as newspapers have withered on the vine, desperate for revenue. It contributes to general public ignorance and people increasingly cannot discern the commercial from the substantive.

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I too get annoyed with rude people who impede the movement of others when they could easily accommodate. I've ridden for five decades and anytime I encounter a group of riders sprawled out across the road, I get annoyed. It's dangerous for others, it's dangerous for themselves, it's rude and it's poor riding etiquette and practice. Group rides used to be about teaching etiquette and learning how to ride correctly. Now it seems to be either social hour or a race among Freds.

All that said, I rarely encounter it on the bike or in the car. Instead, what I usually see from annoyed drivers is incompetent driving. A single rider is riding a couple feet from the edge of the road. Instead of speeding up and passing, said incompetent driver brakes and goes through the usual tentativeness in his/her brain: "Oohhh...I don't know if I can make it! Can I pass and not hit the cars coming the other way that are a minimum of ten feet over from me!" Yes, poor driving is the culprit the vast majority of the time. People who have zero ability to judge vectors, who have about zero depth perception, who have zero ability to recognize and reason when you should speed up and when you should brake. This is what happens when you turn driving into a right rather than a privilege. If we're looking at data, it's not even close. Those drivers I profile are the ones causing the vast majority of the mayhem on our roads, not cyclists.

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"Many white parents like me want to shield our children from some of the ugliness of the world. We have a tendency to avoid any kind of conversation about prejudice, discrimination, bias, or racism. …"

And you base this conclusion upon what, exactly? Oh yes, the technical terms for that would be "prejudice" (pre-judging) or stereotyping. In other words, using your lexicon, "bias."

One of the more curious aspects in the degradation of our culture has been the denigration of "color-blindness" by one contingent of our polity. This goal was widely accepted by civil rights activists in the 1950s and 1960s. As those titans have died or receded from public view, new generations have embraced the group identity approach. This is one in which, far from moving beyond group identities to focus on individuals, embraces judging people based upon groupings we assign to them, regardless if these people want to be grouped in this way in the first place.

As most of you can probably figure out. We live in just about the most tolerant country on the face of the planet, one of the reasons non-whites want to come here so desperately and, ironically, why the same people who peddle this sort of talk encourage them to come. Most can also undoubtedly figure out that embracing color-blindness does not entail ignoring the history or struggles of any particular group. It is the recognition that at one time, group identity was paramount and we arranged those groups into a hierarchy and penalized or rewarded individuals based upon these groupings. Therefore, the ideal is to stop judging people based upon these groupings and instead look at them as individuals. Once again, more than any other country on the face of the planet, our society has sought to recognize injustices of the past and move towards this ideal of color-blindness. It's a shame that the intelligentsia is near-monolithically trying to move us in the opposite direction into something that will encourage more balkanization.