22-year-old college educated lass who was a web content intern for V1 during Summer 2011! I'm from Menomonie, and know a lot more about that town than most people!

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Study says boozy Facebook updates may…

LaurynAnna many drinking photos per capita on your facebook? I'm not underage, and I have a handful (from birthdays ect), but I certainly don't consider myself an alcoholic! This was very informative, Mike.

Summer of the firefly


I love your style of writing, dear. And I adore fireflies too! Ever heard of the movie "Grave of the Fireflies?"

Beer in theaters: A good idea ... or a…


I agree with what you have to say about minors drinking in theaters. Kids who are gonna drink are gonna drink. The ones who drink in the movies brought the alcohol from home, it's not because some kindly rando in the theater is buying them drinks and handing it to them on the sly.

Could you imagine how much fun Rocky Horror would be (fully dressed up of course) with a nice New Glarus in hand? What an event that would be!