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Agreed! Eau Claire County is such a beautiful area and it is great to drive 15-30 minutes and get out of the City for a while.

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Agree with ThomasKemp here. Downtown is probably the safest it's ever been. It is especially a gem compared to the one I knew in the late 90's.

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It's actually a very Wisconsin opinion on what Supper Clubs ARE. Eau Claire is surrounded by truly great Supper Clubs already (also many that have closed), where you can get quality fish fry or prime rib, salad bar and drinks. And YES, all for a great price point of less than $50 for two. Supper Clubs are not costly, 'upscale', un-affordable restaurants. They are a nostalgic tradition of going out after a long week, socializing with company and having a great meal and a few drinks. It's been working here for decades upon decades. Maybe in you've just been in the wrong part of the industry? Western WI may not be "relevant" to you, but to most of us, it's just fine.

Cracking the (Area) Code


What really "makes" a true Super Club is great food, affordable food, plentiful food. Dinner for two and a couple drinks should not cost over $45-50.

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The failed luxury lofts called 'The Grand'.

And, the failed Huebsch building condo project.

My friend asked why it is the Pablo Center…


I believe it was named that because 'Pablo' paid for it. Those with money can sponsor such things. I imagine when you sell your big software company for $Millions$, it benefits you to donate so much for 'tax purposes'.

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In the featured article above, it says "Jewelstone Coffee and Waffle Bar is open Saturday and Sunday, 8am-3pm."

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Noise and smell are obviously a by-product of industry. If you want to live where railroads and rubber manufacturers are, you're going to put up with it. I lived in the North Side Hill for a few years and got used to it. I imagine the folks in International Harvester do too.

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Thank you for mentioning (again) the Book Peddler. The comment about George with the pipe and WPR instantly brought back memories from the mid 90s when my late mother would bring my brother and I down there on Graham Ave. We killed what seemed like hours among the endless rows of old books, all to the smell of pipe tobacco and talk radio.

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Agree with a few points here.

I too would have loved a 'restaurant on the river' concept. But I have no plans of opening one, or it seems anyone else who has done their homework plans too either. The idea just isn't as feasible as it sounds.

The astronomical rent in Haymarket Landing is another possible cause of why it has sat vacant for so long. Too high for any local players, even national retailers have passed on it.
So when a bigger company (Foxx) comes in wanting this empty space, of course Commonweal will take a deal. They are in the business of making money and paying bills; not waiting for a restaurant to come around.

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Spot on David. Although not a contender in the ownership circle, Altoona would be a better platform than Eau Claire for this project. Bring it back to life and let it see the rails. Keep her in Duluth for this reason.

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I have learned so much from the current EC history books out there; The Rivers Flow On, Sawdust City, Encyclopedia Of Eau Claire County to name a few. So to say there wasn't anything worth checking out is completely untrue. However, I am eager to learn more from what this gentleman has to offer.