Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart

Family STEAM Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

The temperature is climbing, so let’s get outside and enjoy the new season! Creating a scavenger hunt is a great way to explore a new or old area by looking at it in a different, deeper ...

Going Green, Saving Green

The warm weather is coming, and that means more time outside, more time traveling, and more time with our air conditioning on. Follow these three easy ...

Golden Apples To The Chippewa Valley’s Best

In February, one educator or staff member from each of the Eau Claire Area School District’s 20 schools received a Golden Apple Award to celebrate their outstanding achievement and exceptional service to ...

Family STEAM Challenge: Melting Snowmen

Do you have leftover packing peanuts from all of those holiday gifts ordered? Do you want to melt a snowman? Playing out in the snow is so ...

School’s out Day Camp at the Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is now offering a fun solution for kids in grades kindergarten through second grade on days off from school on Monday, Nov. 25, and Tuesday, Nov. 26 (right before Thanksgiving). School’s Out Day Camp will ...

Family STEAM Challenge: Salty Snow

Don’t be SALTY about the turning seasons! Turn some salt into a beautiful work of art, all while learning about some cool ...

What Is Frost? Explaining Icy Winter Patterns

Brrrr … it’s getting chilly out there! It’s fun to walk out in the mornings and see that lovely coating of white frost. But what is frost, anyway? There are different kinds of frost ...

Why Does Poison Ivy Itch?

You’re in the woods, building a fort or exploring, and having a great time. A few hours later, you get ...

“Dabble Day” Maker Fest Returns to EC Library

Dabble Day Maker Fest is back! For kids of all ages, Dabble Day is their time to let their creative energy flow into a work of art or craft, and this year, they’ll be able to dabble in ...

Let’s Get Cooking Lab Gives Kids and Adults a Chance to Learn About What We Eat

If you can’t stand the heat…get into the Children’s Museum’s new teaching kitchen this summer! It’s no secret that nutrition and fitness are essential tools that help build healthy and well-rounded children. The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is thrilled to open a brand-new exhibit...

Why Does Birch Tree Bark Peel Off?

Birch bark can be so tempting to peeeel off. But wait! Is that a good idea? Why is the bark coming off, anyway? Is the birch sick? Let’s look at the layers of a tree. Bark is made of two layers, outer and inner bark. Outer bark is dead, but the inner bark ...

Science Olympiad Students Love a Challenge

UW-Stout hosted state science tournament

Building a ping-pong ball catapult with six drinking straws, three rubber bands, and duct tape in 35 minutes proved to be a formidable but fun task for many of the near 1,500 students from across the state at UW-Stout for the Wisconsin Science Olympiad in March.

Sound & Visuals at the Dabble Box

Eau Claire Library’s makerspace offers audiovisual tools

Since the launch of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library’s Dabble Box in 2017, two new additions are now available to expand the community’s creative horizons. Kids, teens, and adults now have access to sound and video kits.

Summertime, STEAM Time

UW-Stout's program focusing on tech and arts is now open to middle schoolers

A UW-Stout Summer STEAM Experience camp will welcome younger students this year for day camps. Sixth- and seventh-graders can take part in the summer youth camp in the following tracks ...

Chartering a New Course

Mondovi location eyed as project-based school for grades 6-12

Choices: We all want them. Whether it be choice in what we buy, how we live, what we eat, who we support, what we want to be when we grow up, choice matters. But when it comes to educational opportunities ...

How Do Scientists Count Birds?

WHY IS THAT? Answering your kids' toughest questions

Get some binoculars and try counting the birds outside your home sometime. It might seem easy at first. You might see a couple of cardinals, maybe a crow. But then those birds fly away, and you see another cardinal. Is that the same cardinal as before, or is it a new one?

Layers to Learning at the Children’s Museum

As kids develop and change, the museum offers new experiences

I started bringing my daughter Kennedy to the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire long before I was fortunate enough to become employed at this amazing place. She was 8 months old and we spent almost all of our time in Toddler Park.

All aboard the museum’s toy train tradition

Take a nostalgic trip through a perfectly-to-scale winter wonderland this season with the annual Holiday Toy Trains display at the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire’s Carson Park. Now in its fourth year, the exhibit opens the day after Thanksgiving and runs through Dec. 29.

Fulton's Workshop: Where Technology and History Meet

"I live for today. I dream for tomorrow, and I learn from yesterday." – Fulton Holtby

Innovation is the essence of the Holtby Exhibit at the Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie. This new exhibit mixes the art of technology with history, communicating that anything is possible ...

Family STEAM Challenge: CD Case Garden

Let’s reduce, reuse and recycle while watching our plants grow! Using old CD cases, we’re going to give some grass the perfect home!

What happens to my recycling?

You put your jars and cans and paper on the curb ... then what happens?

Trash haulers must accept items that counties decide should be recycled. In Eau Claire County, that’s clean glass jars, aluminum, steel, paper, cardboard, and all plastics except those labeled No. 6 (which is very hard to recycle).

School’s Out for the Summer: Remember These Dates

It may seem like winter just melted away, but summer vacation is about to begin, so parents – mark your calendars and start planning those trips, bucket lists, and beach days. And kids can look forward to time outdoors in the sun, not in the classroom ...

Why Is That? How Do They Predict Tornadoes?

Spring is often a time of confused weather: warm one day, chilly the next. This kind of unsettled weather can sometimes develop into strong storms, like thunderstorms or tornadoes. Although tornadoes are not as common ...

4 Local Sunrise Spots That'll Take Your Breath Away

Rise and shine, folks! The Valley is packed with adventures, and you’ll want to start yours early with something beautiful and easy to catch. You know what they say, the early bird gets an incredible view of the sunrise.

Family STEAM Challenge: Sprout House

The sun is shining more, the temperatures are starting to rise and the puddles are starting to form. That means things are starting to grow! Let’s jump start the season by doing some easy growing INSIDE ...

Why Are Some Squirrels White?

The next time you’re looking out your window, pay attention to the squirrels in your yard. It may be hard to see grey squirrels against tree trunks or shadows on the ground. However, the white squirrels ...

Family STEAM Challenge: The Mysteries of Ice

Surprise: It’s still winter! Wisconsin winters seem to last forever, and those kiddos want to get out and play. Not only do their bodies struggle with less activity, so does their brain. So let’s get them both ...

Build Funky Little Stories With Toca Life Apps

I’m pretty sure my kids have been playing Toca Boca apps almost as long as we’ve had a tablet in the house. The company seems to kick out hundreds of different little games each year – fun, smart, and endlessly ...

College-Level Science at STEM Festival

Wisconsin Science Festival event draws school districts to campus, labs

It wasn’t a typical school week Friday for Xavier Coolidge of New Richmond High School. By midday, he already had identified Wisconsin plants in a biology lab, performed chemistry experiments, and ...

How Does Salt Melt All That Ice?

Brrr, it’s cold outside! Those trucks are out salting the roads again, making them safe to drive on. But how does salt melt ice?

What was the biggest animal to live in Wisconsin?

One day when you’re rambling on outcrops on Mt. Washington, you may find some clues to Wisconsin’s rich Paleolithic history. Mt. Washington is a great place to find fossils of brachiopod and trilobites, animals that lived millions of years ago.

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