It’s No Trick: Local Trick-or-Treat Times

Fri. Sep. 7th, 2018

If you’re a candy-loving kid, it’s never too early to plot your trick-or-treating route for Halloween night – or Halloween afternoon, as the case may be.

How You Can Teach Just by Talking

Thu. Sep. 6th, 2018

Tom Giffey

The “Word Gap” sounds like something that would trouble a headline writer or a Scrabble player. In reality, it’s the phrase used to describe the shortfall in the number of words that children who come from low-income families are exposed to by the age of 3.

Nothing Like a Free Lunch

Thu. Sep. 6th, 2018

Lauren Fisher

Kids in the Kitchen is a free field trip for Eau Claire Area School District fourth-grade classes in which students learn about healthy eating and living at the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley.

Teal Pumpkins Make for an Allergy-safe Halloween

Thu. Sep. 6th, 2018

Halloween can really be a scary time for the millions of families across the country managing food allergies. Food allergies are a potentially life-threatening disease and a growing public health issue. A tiny amount of an allergen has the potential to cause a severe, even life-threatening, reaction.

Kid History: Dressed for Success

Thu. Sep. 6th, 2018

V1 Staff

Fall has been back-to-school season for generations in the Chippewa Valley, but much about the classroom has changed over time. From the look of this 1893 picture from the Chippewa Valley Museum, one of the major things that has changed is fashion.

Your Assignment: Fill a Backpack

Tue. Jul. 17th, 2018

V1 Staff

As a new school year approaches, parents, children, and community members are being invited to help children in need prepare for the next school year. The Eau Claire Area School District has launched the Adopt-a-Backpack program ...

Kid History: Beating the Heat with 1916 Style

Tue. Jul. 17th, 2018

Chippewa Valley Museum

When people in the Chippewa Valley need an escape from the summer heat, the water of our lakes and rivers is hard to beat. This was just as true 100 years ago as it is today ...

Elementary Research in more ways than one

Tue. Jul. 17th, 2018

Pamela Powers, photos by Brett Roseman

Oaklawn School fifth-grader Karlen Knospe found it fascinating to walk through UW-Stout’s Research Day in the Memorial Student Center. “It was awesome,” Knospe said. “I talked with them and got to see their ideas.”

Half a Century of Service to Children

Tue. Jul. 17th, 2018

BJ Hollars

For Leann and Mel Breed, life’s always been about looking out for our children. “They’re our future and we have to take care of them, and we have to inspire them,” Leann says.

Menomonie Fifth-Graders Take Part in Stout Research Day

Fri. Jul. 6th, 2018

Pamela Powers

Oaklawn School fifth-grader Karlen Knospe found it fascinating to walk through UW-Stout’s Research Day in the Memorial Student Center. “It was awesome,” Knospe said. “I talked with them and got to see their ideas ..."

Family Resource Center Faces Financial Challenges

Fri. Jun. 29th, 2018

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Now, however, it’s the center itself that has a big need: A steep decline in funding this year has posed a serious challenge for the organization ...

Kid History: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Fri. Jun. 22nd, 2018

V1 Staff

Warmer weather means the return of baseball to the Chippewa Valley’s playgrounds, parks, and stadiums, most notably 82-year-old Carson Park, which is now home to the Eau  Claire Express ...

Golden Apples Honor Outstanding Educators

Fri. Jun. 1st, 2018

V1 Staff

A group of Eau Claire educators who go above and beyond to help their students achieve were honored at the Third Annual Golden Apple Awards in April ...

Wisconsin’s New Child Tax Credit & How You Can Claim It

Fri. May. 25th, 2018

V1 Staff

A recently approved child tax rebate will put a little more money in Wisconsin parents’ pockets over the next few months. Between May 15 and July 2, parents will be able to visit to file a claim for their children ...

Lovable Pup, Lifesaving Nose

Mon. Mar. 19th, 2018

Cassandra Kyser

Caleb Bicknell’s family welcomed a new member in February, an English Labrador puppy named Buddy. At just 2½ months old, Buddy is starting the long training path to be a service dog for 7-year-old Caleb, who has ...

Charlie Thompson Slides Into Icy Competition

Mon. Mar. 19th, 2018

Rachel Witthoft

Charlie Thompson, a competitive curler and freshman at Memorial High School, has been out on the ice ever since he was 3 years old. His father, Jeff Thompson, introduced him to curling when he was ...

Have No Fear, Spring Break Is Nearly Here!

Mon. Mar. 19th, 2018

V1 Staff

It's hard to believe, but spring break is right around the corner. Public school districts in the Chippewa Valley offer varying dates for spring break, so take a look at the list below and get these dates on ...

Essay Contest Asks Teens What Diversity Means to Them

Mon. Mar. 19th, 2018

V1 Staff

An essay contest about equity, diversity, and inclusion will award cash prizes to Chippewa Valley high school students. The Mahmoud S. Taman Foundation recently announced its 2018 essay contest for students in ...

Giving Homeless Kids a Helping Hand

Fri. Mar. 16th, 2018

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s easy to have the thought that there’s something shameful about being homeless. It’s presented in movies, in TV shows, in news programs, and social talk; that homelessness is a problem for ...

Take a Snow Day: Here's When Locals Are off School

Fri. Jan. 26th, 2018

V1 Staff

It is hard to believe the holidays are over and the much-needed long breaks associated with the first semester are done and over with. But don’t fret! There are a few breaks built into each public school ...

Post Holiday Season Un-Decorate Responsibly!

Fri. Jan. 26th, 2018

V1 Staff

Not a big fan of letting this year’s Christmas tree rot in the backyard? We don’t blame you. Do you cringe every time you hear the burnt-out strand of lights hit the bottom of the garbage can? So do we ...

Collaboration & Creativity via Project-Based Learning

Fri. Jan. 26th, 2018

Laura Lash, photos by Laura Lash

Beth Duellman’s fourth-grade class at Sam Davey Elementary School is deep into its second trimester researching the theme, “How does geography affect industry in a particular region?” Four desks are pushed ...

Sharing stories to help end bullying

Fri. Nov. 3rd, 2017

Marie Anthony

I struggled a lot with my own self confidence and feeling worth anything. Growing up, I endured a lot of bullying. I was called stupid. I was called ugly. I went through so much of it that I wanted to take my own life at the age of 16.

United Way Blazes Trails to Success

Fri. Nov. 3rd, 2017

by Lauren Fisher

To emphasize and encourage early childhood development, the United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley installed 11 Born Learning trails in Eau Claire and Chippewa counties this summer.

So Many Little Lanterns Lighting up Downtown Eau Claire

Fri. Nov. 3rd, 2017

Emily Kinzel

The second annual Light Up Eau Claire Little Lantern Parade will be on Sunday, Dec. 31, at 4:30pm. Attendees toting small, lighted lanterns will parade from the museum down Grand Avenue and across the footbridge before circling back.

Chippewa Valley Treat-or-Treating Times

Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

V1 Staff, photos by Randy Lee

In downtown Eau Claire, the bonanza of treats from generous businesses will run from 3-5pm on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Costumed kiddos (and their grown-ups) will find treats up and down Barstow and Farwell ...

Project SEARCH: Gaining Skills, Earning Successes

Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

Marie Anthony

I don’t even know this bright-eyed young woman, but every time I hear her squeal of joy and see the pride spill out of her between bursts of laughter, my heart tingles and I get that “I’m so happy for you, I could cry” lump in my throat.

Get Ready for a Colorful Crossing

Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

Tom Giffey

Beginning in September, the iconic 526-foot Phoenix Park footbridge in downtown Eau Claire will be ablaze with thousands of LED lights capable of displaying millions of colors and “dancing” in time to music on special occasions.

Making Halloween Less Scary for Kids with Food Allergies

Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

Susan Krahn

One in 13 children in the U.S. has a food allergy – that’s about two children in every classroom. For these children, a tiny amount of their allergen has the potential to cause a severe – even life-threatening – reaction. Chances are a child in your neighborhood has a food allergy.

Feeding Hungry Kids of All Ages

Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

Emily Kuhn

According to Feed My People Food Bank, one in five children in west-central Wisconsin experience food insecurity. For some, this means that at times they don’t know where or when they will have their next meal.

A New Place to Play Pops up Outside Museum

Mon. Jul. 3rd, 2017

Jacqueline Van Hemert, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For the second year in a row, Eau Claire has been named an official “Playful City USA” through KaBOOM!

Back-To-School Prep Time

Fri. Jun. 30th, 2017

Emilee Thornton

I can’t believe it is already July. As we start thinking about school I have a few teacher perspectives/tips to share ...

Peek at the Past at the Cook-Rutledge Mansion

Fri. Jun. 30th, 2017

Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A tour of the Cook-Rutledge Mansion at 505 Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls – which is offered at 2pm Thursday through Sunday during the months of June, July, and August, as well as during the Christmas season.

Back in Session: School Start Times for Fall

Fri. Jun. 30th, 2017

James Johonnott

We know, it's STILL summer. But just in case you are ambitious and want to mentally prepare yourselves. Here are the start dates for local schools in the Chippewa Valley!