Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart

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Staying Safer (and Healthier) at Home

Eau Claire doctor offers tips on maintaining your family’s physical and mental health during isolating times

Volume One talked to Dr. Mollie Meagher, a Family Medicine Resident Physician with Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, about how we can keep ourselves and our families healthy and happy during ...

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‘Chippewa Valley Artist Relief Fund’ From Ambient Inks

Today Eau Claire print and design house Ambient Inks launched the "Chippewa Valley Artist Relief Fund" aimed at helping to "support Chippewa Valley artists who have been financially impacted by event/gig cancellations, the inability to sell their work/book shows, and/or lost revenue from their day jobs being eliminated due to COVID-19."

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[VIDEO] Volume One's Community Pandemic Dashboard

In response to the community crisis around COVID-19, Volume One has launched a new homepage around the idea of Pulling Together While Staying Apart. In this video, Volume One editor/publisher Nick Meyer explains the reason for the site and some of the early content.

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Area Food Pantries [UPDATED]

food pantries around the Chippewa Valley

During the COVID-19 outbreak, food security has become a key issue. These fantastic organizations provide food pantry services around the Chippewa Valley. All of these organizations are open to the public.

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Community Meal Services

a list of community meal services in the Chippewa Valley

Food insecurity is of growing concern during the COVID-19 outbreak. A number of community organizations around the Chippewa Valley provide meal services.

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Help Local Restaurants Survive

Find Local Establishments that have Delivery, Pick Up, Takeout, and/or Gift Cards

Chippewa Valley restaurants, bars, and retailers are in serious trouble. But you can help save them.

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

Pulling Together Partners

The following organizations are currently supporting Volume One’s work in the community during the pandemic:

Lasker Jewelers

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire

Downtown Eau Claire Inc DECI

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Pablo Group

Wisconsin Independent Network

Middle West Management

Bon Iver

Royal Credit Union

Silver Spring

Evergreen Surgical

Charter Bank

Chippewa Valley Technical College

The Murty Henriksen Family

The Larry and Marie Past Family

The Dan and Kerry Kincaid Family

Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets

Brady and Jeanne Foust

If your organization is interested in supporting Volume One during this difficult time, nick@volumeone.orgcontact us.