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Wed. Aug. 21st, 2019

Summertime Souvenirs

Ken Szymanski, illustrated by Taylor McCumber

the gold we find on summer vacation

Thu. Jul. 11th, 2019

Backseat Soundtracks and Sisters in the Summertime

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Taylor McCumber

As I wasn’t much for reading books back then, I had two options. I could annoy the living hell out of my older sister. Or I could listen to my Walkman. It was a ...

Thu. Jan. 24th, 2019

Chain of Reasoning

Mike Paulus, design by Taylor McCumber

Why do we take things that don’t belong to us?

Thu. Jan. 10th, 2019

Twenty-Eighteen Things

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Taylor McCumber

a quick look back at some stuff that happened in the last 365 days

Wed. Oct. 31st, 2018

The Ripples You Make Come Back to You

Shannon Paulus, design by Taylor McCumber

After many, many rounds of I Spy, I began digging through my bag to find something that might occupy them for a bit. Finally, I triumphantly produced an old, expired coupon book (blank on the backs!) and a couple of pens.