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Tue. Feb. 4th, 2014

Enough With This Crap, Let's Move Ourselves Forward

Nick Meyer

The Confluence Project brings economic growth that supports new and existing jobs, increases City and County revenues, revitalizes downtown, enhances tourism, invests in our arts and culture, and advances educational opportunity. So let’s drop ...

Tue. Feb. 4th, 2014

Note from the Editor | Feb. 6, 2014

Nick Meyer

Fair warning: If the last couple of years didn’t do it for you, the next four issues of Volume One are going to have a LOT of talk about the Confluence Project. So get ready, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Recent action by both the ...

Tue. Jan. 21st, 2014

Note from the Editor | Jan. 23, 2014

Nick Meyer

While we do cover the entire Chippewa Valley region from Menomonie to Chippewa Falls, we know that we cover downtown Eau Claire sometimes more than its fair share. Of course Eau Claire is the biggest city in the area, so there’s that, but when ...

Thu. Jan. 9th, 2014

Note from the Editor | Jan. 9, 2014

Nick Meyer

From where I’m sitting it’s looking like 2014 is going to be a very interesting year in the Chippewa Valley. This is the year we’ll likely find out if the Confluence Project is really coming to life or not, and it could get kinda messy between ...

The Daily Shakedown

Sun. Dec. 22nd, 2013

Green Tree will bloom anew as downtown boutique hotel

Tom Giffey, photos by Nick Meyer

In a move that will add a unique element to the Chippewa Valley travel market, downtown Eau Claire will be home to a newly remodeled, creative “boutique” hotel as early as next year, a group of local investors has announced. The entrepreneurial ...

Wed. Dec. 18th, 2013

Opening Shot | Dec. 19, 2013

photos by Nick Meyer

S. CAREY DEBUTS A NEW MUSICAL INVENTION, THE DRUMPIANO. Sean Carey and Jeremy Boettcher of S. Carey played at the Volume One Gallery on Saturday, Dec. 14, as part of the Jingle Jams series.

Wed. Dec. 18th, 2013

Note from the Editor | Dec. 19, 2013

Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I’m guessing many of you didn’t see this year’s Clearwater Winter Parade down Water Street, in person or on TV. That’s because it was about three below zero outside that Sunday, Dec. 15 (and 15 below with the wind chill), so you probably wisely ...

Jingle Jams 2013 with Sean Carey

Mon. Dec. 16th, 2013

Sean Carey is best known as the drummer and supporting vocalist of indie folk band Bon Iver. On he produces a stripped-down solo show for Local Store visitors. Brought to you in part by Deborah Becker State Farm Insurance.

Jingle Jams 2013: AcoustiHOO

Tue. Dec. 3rd, 2013

The Local Store & Volume One Gallery kicked off the 2013 Jingle Jams holiday concert series with AcoustiHOO on Friday, November 29.

Thu. Nov. 7th, 2013

Note from the Editor | Nov. 7, 2013

Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

OK, fair warning, Volume One and The Local Store are officially fully geared up for the holidays. Not only do we have our huge holiday catalog inside this very issue (starting on page 27), but I’m also almost embarrassed to say the ...

Tue. Nov. 5th, 2013

Coffee Sins

Tom Giffey, photos by Nick Meyer

Many of us make our own coffee in the morning (or evening), but what are we messing up when we don’t leave it to the pros?

Ink & Paper Opening Reception 2013

Sat. Nov. 2nd, 2013

The 2013 run of Volume One's Ink & Paper Print Sale kicked off with an opening reception on Friday, November 1. The Volume One Gallery was jam packed all night with art lovers perusing and purchasing prints from local and regional artists ...

Thu. Oct. 24th, 2013

Meet the New Bosses

Tom Giffey, Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire’s new top leaders say they’re ready to work with the community – and each other – to overcome obstacles

Wed. Oct. 23rd, 2013

Note from the Editor | Oct. 24, 2013

Nick Meyer

When we first started Volume One more than eleven years ago, I was mostly interested in the music and film sides of our coverage areas. I guess that was because at that time I was in bands and I made films, so that’s more where I was coming from ...

Thu. Oct. 10th, 2013

Note from the Editor | Oct. 10, 2013

Nick Meyer

We’ve been experimenting a bit more with live streaming events from the Volume One Gallery online, and archiving them on the website for on-demand viewing as well. We’ve dabbled in this before, but one of the things we’d hoped to do with the ...

Thu. Sep. 12th, 2013

Note from the Editor | Sept. 12, 2013

Nick Meyer

We recently held the draft for our first-ever Volume One office fantasy football league. I’ll just get it out there right away that I took Aaron Rodgers in the first round. They say you’re supposed to get running backs first, but I wanted at ...

The Daily Shakedown

Tue. Sep. 10th, 2013

Two-day music festival possible in Carson Park

Nick Meyer

A full-blown two-day music festival could be added to the mix in Eau Claire in September 2014. Currently making its way through the various local councils and boards needed to gain approval, the proposed event, dubbed ...

Summer's End Tent Sale Blowout

Mon. Sep. 9th, 2013

We had a great time at our Summer's End Tent Sale last Friday and Saturday (Sept. 6 & 7). Downtown Eau Claire was flooded with UW-Eau Claire freshmen exploring the area Friday night, and it was a ton of fun giving them a proper introduction to ...

Chippewa Valley Rock-N-Roll Kickball Classic 2013

Mon. Sep. 9th, 2013

More than just a sixteen-team kickball tournament, the 2013 Rock-N-Roll Kickball Classic was a two-day party open to the public, featuring plenty of BBQ, beer, and a massive tribute band festival across both days, with bands covering ...

Wed. Jul. 31st, 2013

Opening Shot | August 1, 2013

photos by Nick Meyer

“The balloon called me yeller.” The annual Eau Claire County Fair took place July 24-28 at the EC County Expo Center. This year’s festivities included a “Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition.”

Wed. Jul. 31st, 2013

Note from the Editor | August 1, 2013

Nick Meyer

Beer and Cheese. If you don’t love one you probably love the other. Or both. I don’t need to tell you they both play a substantial role in the life of many Wisconsinites. And it’s that cultural vibrancy that led us a couple of years ago to first put them ...

The Daily Shakedown

Fri. Jul. 26th, 2013

Tough Call: On canceling the concert

Nick Meyer

Last night's decision by our tech crew and V1 staff to cancel was a difficult one. While it did sprinkle a bit around 5:30pm and it actually did rain a pretty decent amount around 8pm (which validated our fears to some degree), in general it ...

Wed. Jul. 17th, 2013

Easier to Be Green

Barbara Arnold, photos by Nick Meyer

Sustainable Future Fest offers an earthy education

Wed. Jul. 17th, 2013

Note from the Editor | July 18, 2013

Nick Meyer

We recently launched a website for a citizen’s interest group called Community for the Confluence. These are regular, everyday people who support the vision and goals behind the Confluence Project in downtown Eau Claire – people who ...

2013 U.S. National Kubb Championship

Sun. Jul. 14th, 2013

The U.S. National Kubb Championship is the largest kubb tournament outside of Europe and one of the largest in the world. It is one of two two-day tournaments, along with the World Championship in Rone, Gotland in Sweden. Photos are from Sunday, July

Tue. Jul. 2nd, 2013

Opening Shot | July 4, 2013

photos by Nick Meyer

LOOKING FOR A SIGN? Several additional bicycle and pedestrian signs were installed in late June throughout parts of Eau Claire’s paved trail network. The trails wind around the city and on several paths throughout downtown along rivers and lakes ...

Tue. Jul. 2nd, 2013

Note from the Editor | July 4, 2013

Nick Meyer, photos by Tim Mather

The Thursday night Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park is off to a smashing start this year. In fact, we estimate it’s quite possible we exceeded 2,000 people in attendance for the first time ever on June 27. It was crazy ...

Wed. Jun. 19th, 2013

Note from the Editor | June 20, 2013

Nick Meyer

About 15 months ago when we announced we were moving our office and store to our current spot on North Dewey Street, we had a lot of people say things like, “Oh, a little off the beaten path, eh?” Sure, maybe a little. But we also ...

Tue. Jun. 4th, 2013

Let There Be Laarks

Thom Fountain, photos by Nick Meyer

long wait pays off with rockers’ release, Fiat Lux

Tue. Jun. 4th, 2013

Note from the Editor | June 6, 2013

Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I love trees. A lot. Even though I knew it was inevitable, it was devastating to see all the mature ash trees along South Barstow Street come down on the first day of construction. It just looks super weird down there now, and startlingly so. All the buildings fully ...

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. May. 15th, 2013

PHOTOS: WorkSpace Week 2013

Mike Paulus, photos by Nick Meyer

We're in the middle of WorkSpace Week here at the Volume One World Headquarters – a try-it-out week for our new "coworking" facility, WorkSpace. Basically we're giving local freelancers and remote workers a chance to get out of the house ...

Bike-to-Work Week 2013 Kicks Off @The Local Store

Tue. May. 14th, 2013

Sponsored by Volume One, on Tuesday morning (May 14), the Wisconsin Bike Federation was on hand for a Bike to Work Week (May 13-17) kickoff party with free coffee/snacks, "local celebrities" riding in, cool custom bikes and a whole bunch more.

Tue. Apr. 23rd, 2013

Note from the Editor | Apr. 25, 2013

Nick Meyer

I’m no theatrical scholar. But I have seen my share of high-quality productions ranging from Broadway to Hennepin, and even some of Wisconsin’s finest including both the American...

Wed. Apr. 10th, 2013

Note from the Editor | April 11, 2013

Nick Meyer

Things are starting to feel pretty good at the Volume One office, in much the same way I’m sure many of you are feeling. The thaw has finally arrived. There is sun. There is warmth.

Govin's Lambing Barn 2013

Mon. Apr. 8th, 2013

Sunday April 7 was the last day to visit Govin's Meats and Berries outside of Menomonie for their lambing season open house/barn, where all kinds of critters young and old where ready to meet kids and adults.

Tue. Mar. 26th, 2013

Note from the Editor | Mar 28, 2013

Nick Meyer

Nobody cares about somebody else’s vacation. Well, sorry, because I can’t seem to stop myself from talking about my vacation. My real vacation. I say “real” because I haven’t been anywhere outside ...

Tue. Mar. 19th, 2013

Some Like It Hot

Tom Giffey, photos by Nick Meyer, Andrea Paulseth

lighting your tastebuds on fire in the Chippewa Valley

Wed. Mar. 13th, 2013

JAMF Software Pledges $500k to Confluence Project

Thom Fountain, Tom Giffey, photos by Nick Meyer

JAMF Software is donating half a million dollars to help fund some new hardware in downtown Eau Claire. The firm has pledged $500,000 to the Confluence Project, a proposed public-private development that would include a performing arts center ...