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Connoisseur of Concrete

Eau Claire teen’s sidewalk chalk art brings joy to Third Ward neighborhood

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Joel Pearish

Have you ever wondered what a mushroom-bird looks like? Or an armadillo fused with a birthday cake? These are the kinds of bizarre and quirky ...

Peters Stepping Aside

Eau Claire city manager to retire in May

Tom Giffey, video by Joel Pearish

After 30 years with the City of Eau Claire – the last four of them as city manager – Dale Peters announced recently he will retire in May. “Eau Claire has a thriving and bright future, and I look forward to ...

Eau Claire’s Top Employee, City Manager Dale Peters, Will Retire this Spring

Tom Giffey, photos by Joel Pearish

After 30 years with the City of Eau Claire – the last four of them as city manager – Dale Peters announced Monday he will retire in May. “Eau Claire has a thriving and bright future, and I look forward to working with you for a smooth transition,” Peters wrote in an open letter ...

Turn of the Decade

forward thinking on Eau Claire's next 10 years

video by Nick Meyer, Joel Pearish

Less than 48 hours before the dawn of 2020, we invited a group of 14 locals to sit down and talk about the decade ahead in Eau Claire.

Planting a Community

a bird’s eye view of a local community garden & the people that make it grow

Lauren Fisher, photos by Lauren Fisher, Joel Pearish

Gardening in a porch pot can be satisfying and yield an acceptable harvest, but there’s nothing like sinking your hands into the earth itself, sowing seeds, and watching green things ...

Pa Thao - 2019 Vanguard Award Honoree

Executive Director of the Black & Brown Womyn Power Coalition

Lauren Fisher, video by Joel Pearish

Pa Thao is dedicated to uplifting underserved and underrepresented groups within her community. She was the executive director of the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association for seven years, before becoming the executive director of the Black and Brown Womyns Coalition. Thao’s efforts in the Chippewa Valley have a national, and even international, impact.

Mike Golat - 2019 Vanguard Award Honoree

City Administrator of Altoona

Lauren Fisher, video by Joel Pearish

Mike Golat has been on the front lines of the River Prairie Development, an investment that will benefit the Chippewa Valley for generations, for the past 13 years. Through service with the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation, Visit Eau Claire, Eau Claire county, and various other community organizations, he has helped build the foundation for regional prosperity through city planning.

Julia Johnson - 2019 Vanguard Award Honoree

Partner at Pablo Properties

Lauren Fisher, video by Joel Pearish

Julia Johnson has been involved with the development of Downtown Eau Claire since the early days of Jamf software company. She was involved with the planning and construction of the Jamf Building, the Lismore, the Informalist, ECDC, and the Pablo Center; she continues to serve on local boards and work toward a more accessible, cooperative city.

The Best Night 2019: Confetti Cannon Showdown

video by Joel Pearish

This year, The Best Night featured the Confetti Cannon Slo-Mo Video Booth of Fantastic Good Times (working title). We invited guests into the booth, and their shenanigans we displayed outside – in high definition – for all to enjoy. Here's a montage of the fun.

A Heart for Family, Community

Councilman Michael Xiong gives back to the city that welcomed him 34 years ago

Lauren Fisher, video by Joel Pearish

Eight daughters aged 6-27, a grandson, and a loving wife are the reason why Michael Xiong, who has served on the Eau Claire City Council as an at-large representative since 2013, will not pursue a third term of service come April.

Free Clinic Finds a Home

charitable medical provider poised to move into permanent space

Barbara Arnold, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Joel Pearish

The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic, which provides free medical services to people unable to afford them in the Chippewa Valley, will open the doors of its new and forever home ...

Menomonie's One-Stop Shop Co-op

after nearly five decades, Menomonie Market Food Co-op's community mindset is stronger than ever

Emilee Wentland, photos by Joel Pearish

Sarah Godsave hasn’t been shopping at the Menomonie Market Food Co-op for long, but that doesn’t mean the co-op hasn’t impacted her life.

The View From the Top

Brandon Riechers, CEO of Royal Credit Union, has climbed the ladder of success

Tom Giffey, photos by Joel Pearish

Brandon Riechers has spent literally half of his life working at Royal Credit Union, beginning in 1996 as a 21-year-old part-time financial sales representative in the office at Golf Road and Highway 93 ...

How Can I Recycle That?

one woman’s mission: recycling items – old boots, a broken microwave, plastic bags – that would otherwise end up in a landfill

Katie Venit, photos by Joel Pearish

During this year’s spring cleaning, I hauled out all the things that I haven’t disposed of because I felt guilty about tossing them in the garbage: a microwave that caught on fire, old winter boots, a mountain ...

Saturday Morning Hullabaloo: Kids Concert Series

video by Joel Pearish

Presented by Chippewa Valley Family and Prevea Health, the Saturday Morning Hullabaloo is a kids concert series held monthly through the summer in downtown Eau Claire's Phoenix Park. Learn more and see the schedule at www.ChippewaValleyFamily.org/hullabaloo

On Farwell Street: A Mural by Molly Z

photos by Joel Pearish

Check out a series of photos showing the creation of a new mural found on the corner of Galloway and Farwell Streets in downtown Eau Claire. Commissioned by the nearby Oxbow Hotel ...