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Jada Evans

Sales Associate

Jada Evans became a part of the sales team at The Local Store and Volume One Gallery in the spring of 2021. Prior to joining us, Jada spent time in Guest Services Management at Festival Foods and helping out with sales, photoshoots, and more at our friends across the street at Red’s Mercantile. Jada is currently a full-time student at UW-Stout where she works two on campus jobs to thrive in her avenues in studies including graphics and media.

When she's not working, you can find Jada on campus in the studio, working with other students for a local school art publication, or mentoring new freshmen to UW-Stout with Mentor Collective. Jada throws herself into many diverse roles as she can, to gain experience in all different avenues, though passionate about arts, she’s always down for a new opportunity in a complete opposite territory. Jada is originally from Madison, Wisconsin but has spent most of her life as an Eau Claire kid, and graduated form Memorial High School in 2019.