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Look to the Stars This Summer

James Johonnott

Everything under the sun might be changing, with the Hobbs Observatory closed for the season and delayed programming from the Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society due ...

Get Some Puppy Love in the Great Outdoors

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Having a ruff day? Get your furry friend out of the house to a local dog park! The Chippewa Valley is full of a number ...

Chippewa Valley Virtual Event Roundup *Updated May 6*

an ongoing collection of online events hosted by local artists, educators, and more during COVID-19

James Johonnott

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many local event organizers have pivoted into the virtual realm. Here's an ongoing, frequently updated list of online events in the Chippewa Valley ...

Home Improvement Projects: Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?

some tips on which home projects are worth tackling as an amateur, and which ones aren’t

James Johonnott

Tired of your home’s old paint job or carpet? It might be time to take a crack at it and give your home a facelift. Maybe, like me, you’ve gotten a little ambitious and want to bite off a bigger home improvement project. As a recent homeowner and ...

Indigenous Approaches

exploring the wellness movement in Indian Country

James Johonnott

In the search for insights on wellness for both mind and body, sometimes the best answers can be found by looking to the past. Marcus Red Thunder, race director of ...

Here Comes the Bridal Fair

Wedding Fair showcases area wedding vendors

James Johonnott

If wedding bells are on your horizon, or even if they’re a little further down the way, the Menomonie Wedding Fair is a great place to ...

Hit the Road, Ride the Waves

Chippewa Valley Boat & RV show sports huge selection

James Johonnott

If you’re looking to make 2020 the year you get that vessel to take you out on the lake or to hit Route 66 with, then head to the Chippewa Valley Boat & RV Show. Drawing a huge ...

Dungeons & Dragons: 7 Reasons to Roll

there's tons of value in the legendary role-playing game

James Johonnott

That sound you hear might be the sound of a handful of plastic dice hitting the table in your basement. The fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has enjoyed something of a ...

Where to Buy, Play, and Peruse

gaming stores throughout the Chippewa Valley

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) holds a special place in gaming culture. Whether its a comic shop that hosts card tournaments in ...

Help and Be Helped: 6 Local Charitable Organizations

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

At this time of year, as we all focus on what makes the holiday season bright, it does well to remember what we can do to aid those less fortunate. The Chippewa Valley has a number of services available for those in need, so this ...

Right on Target: Action City’s new axe throwing range

V1 staffer takes aim at Action City’s axe throwing range

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you head just past the pizza counter in Action City and stop near the rock wall, you’ll hear the telltale sound of sharp steel smashing into wood. That’s right ...

How Wisconsin "Lost" Michigan's Upper Peninsula

James Johonnott

It's (kind of) common knowledge in Wisconsin that what is now Michigan's upper peninsula was once part of America's dairyland, and was somehow ceded our eastern neighbors. But just like most common knowledge, this isn't quite as true ...

Area Businesses Offer Support During Government Shutdown

James Johonnott

Area businesses in the Chippewa Valley are stepping up to help area federal employees affected by the government shutdown. Below is a short list of businesses that are offering assistance or promotions ...