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Pablo Center at the Confluence Announces Premiere Lineup

Eric Christenson

After 6-plus years of gathering ideas, planning, building, shaping, rethinking, finessing, and dreaming big, the inaugural season of shows at the Pablo Center at the Confluence is finally upon us ...

Loud & Proud

there’s nothing out there quite like Gash

Eric Christenson

“Chicken Soup for the Cig Smoker’s Soul.” That’s how Justin Allen describes a two-story house on the Eastside Hill of Eau Claire called The Rash.

Eaux Claires IV: Recapped

Eric Christenson, photos by Branden Nall, Luong Huynh

“Fly or fall on feeling.” That was at the core of Eaux Claires’ no-lineup philosophy for 2018. Feeling. And there’s a lot of feelings out there ...

UPDATED: Eaux/Prex Claires - Here’s Everything We Know

Eric Christenson

Basically everything in a massive convoluted nutshell. Hopefully this helps you figure out what to do, who to see, and all that jazz. Remember to stay hydrated and take care of each other. We’ll see you on the other side ...

Music Quick Hits | June 2018

Eric Christenson, photos by Lee Butterworth

Upon the release of his forthcoming record People Are My Drug (which is streaming now), Phil Cook will make his way home to the Chippewa Valley to perform on Oct. 20 in the Jamf Theater ...

The Young and the Restless

high school rockers The Third Ward unleash their debut

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Third Ward’s drummer Anthony Allen had only been a part of the band for a week or two when on a whim, the local metal band submitted a video of themselves to a statewide garage band contest ...

You Gotta Taste It to Believe It

Leinenkugel’s quality control program creates sensory experts, blemish-free beer

Eric Christenson

You have four beers in front of you. They all look the same, some even smell and taste very similar. But do you think you could pinpoint even the subtlest blemish or defect? Maybe something’s a little off ...

Eaux Claires 2018, Artist-Led Festivals, and the No-Lineup Lineup

Eric Christenson, photos by Lee Butterworth

At this point, it’s been well established that the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival is doing stuff differently for their fourth annual installment on July 6 and 7. Most significantly, curators Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner are intentionally not releasing a lineup of music acts. At least not in the traditional sense ...

Local Music Veterans Make a Dreamy New Rock Record

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Jim Pullman has been making rock songs and records for almost two decades, and the lion’s share of those songs have come from personal stories and experiences. But for his band’s latest full length ...

Music Quick Hits | April 2018

Eric Christenson

Get set for some for some larger-than-life musical performances coming our way this spring. In the last couple weeks, a handful of notable concert announcements have made their way across the collective V1 desk ...

Music Quick Hits | Mar. 21, 2018

Eric Christenson

It was only last fall when we heard the most recent output from Chippewa Valley duo DeKam & Johnson who make acoustic upbeat pop songs in the area. Their string of EPs caught on nicely, and now they’re back ...

Enjoy a Magical Night Curated by Justin Vernon at the Oxbow

Eric Christenson

The Oxbow Hotel just announced plans for two separate “Lock-Inn” events where a select few can take part in an overnight experience administered by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (one of the hotel’s owners) and Sean Carey ...

Music Quick Hits | February 2018

Eric Christenson

Eau Claire synth pop artists Sniffle Party just got some serious love from HBO. In the latest episode of High Maintenance, which tells miniature stories connected by the same nameless bicycle-bound weed dealer in New York ...

THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret Moves to the Metro

Eric Christenson, photos by Kelsey Smith

The Metro – downtown Eau Claire's newest live music venue – is the new host of legendary Eau Claire festival Decadent Cabaret, where dozens of local bands come together and play tribute sets of their favorite artists. The organizers just released the full lineup of bands for the 39th installment of the weekend-long event on March 1-3.

S. Carey’s Newest Finds Fresh Confidence and Purpose

Eric Christenson

If you’ve never woken up one morning to realize that Taylor Swift put one of your songs on a Spotify playlist of her favorite tracks, you’re probably not Sean Carey. “More I See,” a lush single from his forthcoming ...