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‘Queer in the Valley’: New Local LGBTQ Podcast Premieres

Virtual Pride Month Celebration kicks off with talk of Stonewall, BLM

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Breana Stanley and Ron Bower were grabbing coffee at SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar, talking about their plans for this year at the Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center – where they act as ...

Start a Succulent Garden of Your Very Own

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

All you need is a shallow glass bowl or terrarium, cactus potting soil, sand, charcoal, rocks, and your favorite succulents. First, put sand in ...

Have a Block Party: Play Kubb

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Did you know Eau Claire is officially the Kubb Capital of North America? Or that the U.S. National Kubb Championship takes place right here? If you’re like me and ...

Toss a Disc (and Toss Your Cares Away)

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As far as socially distant activities go, there’s not much out there like disc golf. Enjoy your wooded surroundings as you toss discs far ...

Slake Your Summertime Thirst With Some Local Beer

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If your jonesin’ for a local brew, you’re in luck because our local breweries are still making some great beer, and getting it to the people via creativity ...

Roll Your Hungry Belly Up to a Food Truck

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

While restaurants are slowly opening back up, food trucks are taking center stage from their mobile eateries all over The Valley. You’ll find all ...

Get Creative and Release Your Inner Sculptor

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Seize the clay at a local pottery studio, like Glaze N’ Glass in Chippewa Falls! Pick out a piece to paint, glaze it, and you ...

Whatever Floats Your (Rented) Boat

Nealy Corcoran, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For those looking to get out for some waterborne fun, Loopy’s Saloon and Grill in Chippewa Falls is a great place for it! Guests can grab a bite to eat and rent a canoe ...

Find a Fishing Hole and Cast a Line

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you’re floundering for a place to fish this summer, look no further. Whether your putting worms on a hook, or slipping into some waders ...

Take a Peek at the Wonders of Irvine Park

Nicole Withers, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Irvine Park is a staple of the Chippewa Valley. Over the years, the facilities have improved and taken in more animals. They have a great ...

Put a Local Podcast in Your Ears

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you’ve got a hankering for a new podcast, check out some local favorites: Matt’s House by Matt Hasenmueller, Passion Pod by Chris Johnson ...

Get Some Puppy Love in the Great Outdoors

James Johonnott, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Having a ruff day? Get your furry friend out of the house to a local dog park! The Chippewa Valley is full of a number ...

Exquisite Design: A Sparkling New Family-Owned Boutique

sisters, mother collaborate to fill fashion gap for Chippewa Valley women

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Trishell Lovelace noticed Eau Claire offered quite a bit when she moved to the area eight years ago, but she also noticed a lot was missing. Specifically, she noticed a shortage of women’s ...

Hungry? Then Drive Up and Grub Down

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Nothing screams summer like malts and burgers car-hopped right to your window. For all the throwback ’50s vibes, tasty treats, and sweet rides, look ...

Make Waves This Summer at the Valley’s Lakes, Beaches

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Starships” goes a little something like: “Let’s go to the beach, each / Let’s go get away / They say, what they gonna say?” Well, it turns out, local ...

Keep It Fresh at These Local Farmers Markets

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Gosh, there’s nothing better than getting up early on a Saturday (wow, never thought I’d say that), grabbing a tote bag, and heading to the farmers market ...