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921 Brickyard Road

Red Cedar State Trail

Easy difficulty. Small bluffs with a waterfall will be on one side and the Red Cedar River on the other side. Bald eagles frequently sighted. Going other direction from Dunnville takes you through the Dunnville State Wildlife Area across a trestle near the confluence of the Chippewa River and the Red Cedar River. This meets up with the Chippewa River Trail.

615 24th Ave.

River Heights Elementary School

A large open play area is located between the school and an adjacent residential neighborhood. The ice rink is maintained by the city in the winter. No lights or warming house.

(715) 726-7920

about 2.5 miles north of Cornell

River Road Cross Country Ski Trail

Enjoy two separate trails for intermediate and advanced skiers through rolling terrain and along the more-gentle grade of the River Road to the parking area.

908 Folsom St.
Eau Claire

Roosevelt Elementary Playground

4.5 Acres. Basketball hoops, hockey rink (boarded), ice skating, parking lot, play equipment, recreational field area, shelter, soccer and toilet facilities.

3001 Mercury Ave.
Eau Claire

Sam Davey Park

Mon.-Fri. 4-9pm, Sat.-Sun. 1-6pm.

(715) 573-2424

1329 Sylvan St.,

Sylvan Hill Park

Specifically for tubing, this hill offers six runs, the tallest with a vertical drop of 133 feet, and two wire tow ropes to pull you quickly back up the hill. Parking, bathrooms, and a chalet with

(715) 839-4738

955 S82 Ave.
Eau Claire

Tower Ridge

Don’t let the mounds of snow keep you from exercising; Tower Ridge is a great place to enjoy the snow and workout. There are hilly and flat groomed trails for all levels. There are about 3

(715) 839-4738

955 S82 Ave.
Eau Claire

Tower Ridge - Cross Country Skiing

This popular cross-country ski site is the largest 12 miles of groomed trails in west central Wisconsin, and has both hilly and flat areas. Trails snake through wooded, rolling terrain and offer fun

800-826-7166, (715) 755-2955, or (651) 433-5141

2232 100th Ave.

Trollhaugen Ski Area

Featuring 23-24 runs with tubing, towropes and chairlifts, rentals, a ski shop, chalet, restaurant, snowmaking, and instruction available. The longest run is 2,500 feet with a vertical drop of

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