Know Yo' Dean

When you’re having some troubles at school or at home, who ya’ gonna call? The best option would probably be your Dean of Students. These friendly faces are the liasion between the students and the institution, so it’s beneficial to get to know ...

Everyday Etiquette

tips for getting along in roughly 144 square feet

You’re moving into a room smaller than your closet at home – and you have to share it with someone you’ve never met. Welcome to college! Whether it’s a dorm room, an apartment or a house, sharing spaces can be tough – even if you really think ...

Brand Spankin' New Student Centers

UWEC & UW-Stout got some pretty fancy upgrades this year

UW-Eau Claire's W.R. Davies Center The original Davies building has been serving students since 1959, but as the university grew there was a need for a larger, more modern space. And so after just

Doodle Jokes

a healthy outlet for classmate hatred


Breaking the Law (And The Bank)

common ordinance violations at UWEC and what they cost

The rising cost of tuition will look like nothing if you manage to get a few of these violations under your belt.

Mapping Your Napping

With all those late-night cramming sessions and the inevitable Scantron nightmares that follow, not to mention the fourth floor versus third floor Halo tournaments, students need to catch up on sleep during those lulls between classes.

Rejuvenation Joints

the places you should go when you need to take a break

So let’s say it’s finals week. Or midterms. Or maybe you just have three papers, four tests, and an art project due by Friday.

Dorm Room Poster Rules

the do's and don'ts of college decorating

If you get Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, or Jim Belushi you have to consume what they created.

Making Service Learning Fun

UWEC students MUST do volunteer work, so here's a few of the coolest ways students have fulfilled that requirement.

Young Person Jargon Translator

for adults that find notes, and suspect something is afoot

Sample Note Translation Sup Shorti, You lookin’ straight up phat bangin* with

Text Message Decoder

Use your knowledge of texting during class (without looking) to decode these super-secret messages. The first number is the key you press, and the second number is the number of times you press it to

The Test

a Mad Lib exercise and grammar teaching tool

Good morning! Time to wake up! Since you spent all last night , you need to study for today’s test about . But first, you need breakfast, so you grab a big bowl of . Then, as