Mapping Your Napping


With all those late-night cramming sessions and the inevitable Scantron nightmares that follow, not to mention the fourth floor versus third floor Halo tournaments, students need to catch up on sleep during those lulls between classes. But try to keep these comfy locales to yourself, or else soon everyone will be cramping your style and impeding that 15-minute power nap that makes all the difference in your caffeine-fueled day.


 Wilson Park Band Shell (only two blocks away from campus)

 The Bell (in front of Micheels Hall) 

 Don and Nona Williams Stadium (fresh turf)

 Between the university library and Heritage Hall

 Fourth floor Harvey Hall

 On the craps table in the gaming management lab 

 Second floor of the library (The Textbook Rental Side in front of the window)

 Second floor Millenium Hall

 Any basement bathroom in the Comm Tech building


 The wings of any theater or auditorium (if you get cold, just pull down on the curtains)

 The couches in The Cabin

 Basement of McIntyre Library (complete with stuffed animals for cuddling)

 Under the flowering crab tree on the campus mall (clock tower acts as an alarm)

 Chairs/couches in the basement of Schofield

 The benches on the Haas side of the river (just not during marching band practice)

 Bench across from the computer lab in Haas Fine Arts

 Hibbard Hall Penthouse

 Owen Park benches/bandshell

 Kate Gill Library in Hibbard (just put a book over your face)