Dorm Room Poster Rules

the do's and don'ts of college decorating

• If you get Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, or Jim Belushi you have to consume what they created.

• Don’t get a blacklight poster unless you have a blacklight. Even then, I wouldn’t recommend it.

• Van Gogh did more than Starry Night

• The Periodic Table of Mixology isn’t cool unless you have a stocked bar to make that stuff.

• Fake inspirational posters are funny … if you’re from 2006.

• Don’t get the retro Guinness ads unless you like it and plan to drink it semi-regularly

• Don’t get a Scarface poster unless you’re really into gangs and coke. And I mean really. Not ironically or because everyone on Cribs has one.

• Car posters are stupid. Period.

• Don’t get a Che Guevara poster unless you’re deep into your poli-sci major

• If you get a poster for Fear & Loathing, you better have read something – anything – by Hunter S. Thompson

• Don’t get a poster of something French unless you speak the language or have been there

• Don’t get Fight Club thinking it’s a hip movie about hyper-masculinism with no understanding that Ed Norton’s character is gay

• Don’t get Beatles unless you’ve heard an entire studio album