Rounding Out Half Moon

city has some big plans for our crescent-shaped lake

Half Moon Lake used to be a river. Well, part of a river. Way back when – probably in 18th century – the oxbow lake was separated from the Chippewa River. But Eau Claire has tried its hardest to ensure the lake is still connected to the river ...

Take a Hike

see the leaves, feel the sun, suck some of the crisp autumn air

Two-wheel Parking

Every tried to wrangle your bike lock around a massive tree trunk? Or wandered aimlessly looking for a rack, only to settle for a sign or a railing? Put your frustrations aside, because there will (likely) soon be a standard amount of space ...

The Gifted Fisherman

new Dave Carlson book takes angle on angling

For many of us in the Chippewa Valley, the great outdoors are synonymous with sport – whether that’s defined as hunting, fishing, biking or even snapping photos. It is this strong connection with the land that makes us realize just how special ...

Going Camping? Register Online!

Campsite reservation is finally catching up with the 21st century. Campers can now reserve local Coon Fork Lake campsites online. The new online reservation form is built to be user-friendly and convenient. Just pick your dates from their handy ...

Chiseled for Cheap

10 winter fitness activities through Eau Claire parks & rec

Hockey: No teams necessary for this co-ed free-for-all 8:45-10:15pm every Wednesday at Hobbs Ice Center through March 28. This is for ages 18 and older costs $6 a session and you can slap shot 654 calories away in the first hour. Snowshoeing: ...

Ski Dooing It

a fascination with family snowmobiles

I’ve always loved my dad’s old snowmobiles. He’s always had one or two for as long as I can remember, and they were a fixture of my youth. My family always had a cabin in the northwestern part of the state, so we always had wintertime access to ...

Skating Through Your Holidays

Hobbs Ice Center hosts three festive events this winter including skating with Santa

Have you ever noticed that every musical, movie, or TV show with a kidsy angle is made that much more awesome by adding the phrase “on ice?” Think about it. Disney On Ice: genius. Sesame Street On Ice: brilliant.