The Grape Escape 2013

a Mississippi River wine trail shows off its natural beauty

Started in 2009, The Great River Road Wine Trail was named after the road that sews these nine wineries together. The famous road itself, recognized as a National Scenic Byway, runs from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. This particular stretch ...

Taking a Quick Ride

short drive trips around the state of Wisconsin

We wanted to find the best destinations for a quick weekend road trip around Wisconsin, whether it’s for the gorgeous natural beauty, an interesting educational experience or just a wacky, weird attraction. So we asked you to give us suggestions...

7 Awesome Locales to Paddle in the Spring

"... put your vessel in at Braun’s Bay’s easy and accessible landing. Paddle past the Carson Park cliffs (very scenic) and then under the Lake Street Bridge into the bay ..."

Comin' Round the Mountain

A look at the thriving local off-road biking scene

I was recently asked, “How’s the mountain biking scene in Eau Claire?” The selfish part of me that enjoys the peace of nature, solitude and a quiet ride through the woods...

To Work on Wheels

Bike to Work Week geared to promote local pedaling

If you’re like most people in the Chippewa Valley, your daily commute entails getting into your car and driving – almost always alone – to your workplace.

British adventurer to speak at The Grand Theatre

Some days I wish an old wizard would knock on my door and offer to take me on an adventure. Dave Cornthwaite did not wait for wizard tricks to spark his imagination. He stepped out his front door and starting going on adventures all on his own ...

Fall Color Coming Early to Wisconsin

Good news, leaf fans. Eau Claire County is currently amongst the most autumn-esque counties in all of Wisconsin – with an estimated Go Look at the Awesome Trees Cuz It Only Gets Browner from Here Time (our phrase, not theirs) around the third week...