Haunted Hustle 5K & Spooky Sprint 2016

This year's Haunted Hustle 5K and Spooky Sprint took place on Saturday, Oct 22 at Owen Park in Eau Claire. The event featured a 5K walk/run and Spooky Sprint for the kids, costume contests ...

Kayaking Eau Claire River

Take a kayak ride down part of the Eau Claire River after rains swelled the waters in September of 2016.


The Chippewa River set the stage for another legendary FATFAR (Frenchtown Annual Tube Float and Regatta) on June 26, starting in Chippewa Falls and ending ... wherever floaters hit shore, such as Loopy's Grill & Saloon.

Step by Step

In a quest to get healthy, local writer Rob Reid began to hit the Chippewa Valley’s hiking trails. Here’s what he discovered.

It was increasingly hard to see the trail path. The grass was getting higher and higher. With my arms up near my head, I yelled back to my wife, Jayne, “Don’t be surprised if we pick up a few wood ticks on this hike!” By the time we finished walking around ...

Off-Road Runner

After tiring of the pavement pounding so many runners do, V1 contributor Caleb Gerdes got his mojo back in the woods, trails, and hills of Wisconsin

Sometimes people ask if I am a runner. I want to tell them no, then I remember that I do, in fact, run typically one to three times a week. Now, I’m not religious about it, and I don’t have a specific training regimen or goal in mind.

Eau Claire Marathon 2016

The eighth annual Eau Claire Marathon had over 3,800 runners racing through town on Sunday, May 1, beginning and ending in Carson Park. Fifty-five charities benefited from this year’s race ...

Winter After Hours - February, 2016

On Thursday, February 18 Winter After Hours took place at Eau Claire's Boyd Park (as it does every Thursday in January and February). Activities included ice skating, snow sculptures, fire pit gazing, food truck grazing, hot beverages, and more.

Pinehurst Winter Safety Day 2016

The Eau Claire Parks & Recreation Department joined Eau Claire Fire & Rescue for Winter Safety Day on Saturday, January 9 at Pinehurst Park in Eau Claire.