Summer in EC: Ski Sprites & The Beach

The Ski Sprites performed on Sunday, July 16 to a full beach at Lake Altoona Park. The Sprites perform every Sunday and Wednesday evening at 6:30pm from early June through Labor Day.

Jeremiah's Bullfrog Fish Farm

Menomonie's Bullfrog Fish Farm, a Chippewa Valley family favorite destination for years, has changed hands and is now called Jeremiah's Bullfrog Fish Farm. Continuing the legacy are ...

A Way on the Water

local leaders announce river trail plan, map

For millennia, the Chippewa River has been a conduit for travel, commerce, and recreation. Now, thanks to collaboration among a broad swathe of local groups, the 4.2 miles of the river that flow through the city of Eau Claire are officially a water trail ...

Lake Menomin WaterX 2017

Menomonie's Wakanda Park Beach hosted the Lake Menomin WaterX June 24 and 25. The event saw drag races and oval races where competitors flew across the water on snowmobiles ...

Bikes, Bridges, & Brews

Part of a series of fantastic local events in celebration of Wisconsin Bike Week 2017, Bikes, Bridges, & Brews brought together bike lovers on Friday, June 10 for a ride over some of Eau Claire's most beautiful bridges, including ...

25 Hiking Trails in the Chippewa Valley - a Volume One Web App

flip thru local hiking trail maps with this web app

Explore every hiking trail near Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie with this interactive web-app. Flip thru 25 trails to see aerial Google Earth views, photos, official trail maps, and Google Map directions to each trail.

Opening Weekend

the first morning of fishing season is usually cold, but the memories formed couldn’t be warmer

The opening weekend of walleye fishing season is practically a state holiday where I grew up in northern Minnesota. And I suspect the same is true for many folks here in western Wisconsin. I rarely miss an opportunity to get together with my dad to fish “the opener” ...