Indigenous Approaches

exploring the wellness movement in Indian Country

James Johonnott

In the search for insights on wellness for both mind and body, sometimes the best answers can be found by looking to the past. Marcus Red Thunder, race director of the Extreme Thunder USA Indian Relay, will speak on his perspective of the “Native Wellness Movement,” an approach to a wholistic lifestyle approach that seeks to maintain balance in four basic areas of life – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional – by learning about the lifestyles of Native Americans in a pre-reservation time period.

Red Thunder’s presentation will prominently feature information about the Extreme Thunder USA Indian Relay Horse Racing Event that he will bring to Eau Claire on Aug. 27-29, and how that event fits into this wellness movement. Extreme Thunder USA is a horse relay event in which teams of riders mount and dismount different horses at points around the specially designed track. He will share his vision of Extreme Thunder USA, and answer questions about the event. Marcus is the basis of the character Henry Standing Bear in the Netflix series “Longmire,” and he works extensively with the entertainment industry to advise on the representation of Native American culture.

The Wellness Movement in Indian Country, featuring Marcus Red Thunder, Free admission, March 4, 5-7pm. Visit Eau Claire Experience Center (inside the Pablo Center at the Confluence) at 128 Graham Ave., Eau Claire.