Room for Yogis: Eau Claire spot The Yoga Room helps you be you

Bryan Reynolds, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A yogi, by definition, is someone who is actively engaged in the practice of yoga. Believe it or not, you are actively practicing yoga just by walking in the door at The Yoga Room (2839 Mall Drive). The owners, husband and wife duo Wendy and Mike Oberg, are encouraging Eau Claire locals to just be there, and by doing so, you can do no wrong. Yoga, as a practice, has existed for over 5,000 years, proven by cave drawings and documentation all over the world. Yoga, at The Yoga Room, has existed since 2016, and the community is ever growing.

The Obergs, who also own and operate radio stations in the area, had a vision to create a space where their clientele could establish connections and feel comfortable while they work to better themselves. They wanted to cultivate a society of positivity, and are proud of the community their yogis have created. Wendy, who has been studying and teaching yoga for more than 20 years, says that she learns more about the practice from her students during every class.

There are currently two studios at the Yoga Room, one hot and one cold, each fitting up to 30 people per class. With the popularity of the studio’s classes and yoga in general growing, Wendy and her team are looking forward to adding a third studio later this year. This new space will have room for up to 50 yogis to partake in each class at a time. In addition to the new yoga space, The Yoga Room will also add showers for increased convenience.

Though early in their operation, the Yoga Room already offers a number of signature classes. The “Yoga Room Flow” classes, which are offered in both hot and cold disciplines, “allow your body and mind to come full circle,” according to Wendy. The studio often hosts Glow-Ga classes, combining the yoga with the fun of neon paints and black lights. This type of practice helps to remind members to enjoy their exercise.

In February, The Yoga Room hosted an Acoustic Sunset class where a local artist performed live music. Jerrika Mighelle played guitar right in the studio to set the mood. “It was a magical night,” Wendy said. “The energy in the studio was amazing.” Both live music and yoga have been proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, amongst other benefits.

The instructors at the Yoga Room all share a common goal: to help you become a better you. We don’t often give back to ourselves, and without time spent focusing on oneself, it can be difficult to do better for others. “Yoga can be intimidating, and that is OK,” instructor Alex Ziepke said. “It is alright to start with your physical practice, and eventually graduate to finding your mental release.” 

Trust plays a factor in the success of your yoga. You need to know that the poses you are being walked through are safe and beneficial. Wendy and all other 21 “tribe” members at The Yoga Room have put in endless hours studying their techniques, and they are always adapting their classes to the benefit of those in attendance. That being said, they often remind you to suggest new things, or give your feedback after each class. Who knows, you may even get a custom class on the schedule! In the end, they want to leave you with the lasting thought of “when can I feel this good again?”

The Yoga Room • 2839 Mall Drive, Eau Claire •