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Center of Community

five years on, wellness hub’s founders find themselves surrounded by loving grace

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School of Thought

mental health organization offers mindfulness training

Brenda Scheurer, director of the Mental Health Matters Coalition, was moved when she read that more than one in four Chippewa County middle and high school students had felt so sad or hopeless ...

Label-Free Mindfulness

collaboration bringing Zen Buddhists to a Christian church shows benefits of meditative practice regardless of spiritual affiliation

When people think of “mindfulness,” they may associate it with a particular religious or spiritual path, such as Buddhism. But in Menomonie, a seemingly unlikely alliance has brought about the creation ...

Mindfulness in the Classroom

students, teachers say meditative practice improves kids’ lives

Mindfulness, one of the many forms of meditation, is gaining recognition in educational systems throughout the world. In the Chippewa Valley, there are many teachers either applying formal mindfulness skills or skills such as deep breathing to help students be more ...

11 Steps To Mindfulness

for super busy folks, living life to the fullest may mean doing less

The idea of being mindful – being present, being more conscious of life as it happens – seems a bit impossible to many of the super busy.But not only is it possible, I’d submit that it’s desirable, and that it’ll help the busy (and non-busy) achieve their goals and enjoy life more fully. If you are the super-busy type ...

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