Open Mic Night #1

Have you ever felt the need to just scream your feelings to the world, sing that one song that says everything you’re thinking about, or say that one joke that all your friends think is hilarious? We have the perfect opportunity for all of that, and more! With a full professional sound system and all of the technology needs you could dream of for your moment to shine and be heard, Blue Devil Productions is proud to present the first Open Mic Night of the semester on Thursday, February 20th at 8 pm in the MSC Terrace. Sign up starts at 7 PM at the BDP booth upstairs in the Terrace. Use your unique talents and experiences to give the crowd a fantastic performance - whether it is spoken word, comedy, or a wonderful musical talent - let your voice be heard at BDP’s Open Mic.

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages


Thu. Feb. 20   7pm

For More Information
 (715) 232-2432

UW-Stout Memorial Student Center, The Terrace
302 10th Ave. E
Menomonie, WI 54751