Picture of Success

Eau Claire photographer Molly Marie's business is pictures

EAU CLAIRE PHOTOGRAPHER MOLLY MARIE has found a successful niche of the photography business, specializing in women’s portraiture – glamor shots and boudoir – which can help women believe in their beauty. Her business has ...

Making the Leap

Does the Chippewa Valley offer the right climate for entrepreneurs?

Creating an entrepreneurial climate is a bit like skydiving. For success, first and foremost, you need people brave (or is that crazy?) enough to take the risk and jump out of an airplane. These people are the entrepreneurs. You also need ...

Resources & Tips For Job Hunters

“Less than 20 percent of people get jobs from the web. The best way to get a job is to network: make connections, go to events, call companies. Your network is your best job resource.” – Jessica Witte, UWEC Career Services ...

When the Right Skills Are Hard to Find

The good news: Jobs are out there. The bad news: Many workers don’t have the right skills.

If finding a job was a piece of cake, we would all be in a pretty good place. In a perfect world, jobs would be available for everyone – and everyone would be ready for a job. However, this is not the case. And just as some people might struggle ...

Clearing Up The Job Picture

Is the Chippewa Valley’s unemployment rate good or bad? Some of both.

There’s an old joke that a recession is when my neighbor loses his job and a depression is when I lose my job. By that measure, things were pretty depressing for a lot of us in the Chippewa Valley – and nationwide – about four years ago ...

Wanted: Innovators

foundation helps match hot new ideas with advice, money

Even those who work in the world of economic development acknowledge that the alphabet soup of resources available to entrepreneurs – from the EDC to DECI to the SBDC – can be confusing. And although novice entrepreneurs may get tongue-tied ...

A Class Act for Entrepreneurs

local universities offer coursework geared towards starting your business

Over the past several years, I have come to a much better understanding of who I am, how I tick and what drives me. I have come to not only realize, but fully own, the fact that I like to start stuff. And, if I can’t start something from scratch ...

Working Together

sharing space and making connections in Eau Claire's first coworking facility

The office is a classic setting for films, sitcoms, and half-witted comic strips. You have office politics, cubicle decorating and the classic fridge-heist (which often results in passive-aggressive notes about not taking something with someone ...

Secrets of Success: Mickey Judkins

entrepreneur’s vision valued, from Water Street to the White House

Business comes instinctively to Mickey Judkins. Consider her initial venture: When she opened her first clothing store in Eau Claire, she did a market analysis without even knowing it.

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Technical College

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Where the Jobs Are is sponsored by:

Chippewa Valley
Technical College

620 W. Clairemont Ave
Eau Claire, WI