The Weight Loss Hamster Wheel

understanding how your body burns fuel can help you lose weight for good

Has weight loss made it on to your list of New Year’s resolutions? Have you tried to drop pounds in the past only to feel like you weren’t making progress? If you answered “yes” to one ...

Going Yoga? How to Find a Teacher

Hot? Cold? Fast? Slow? The valley offers a vast array of yoga options

Having grown up around here in the 1980s and ’90s, I think I can safely say that the alternative health boom of the ’90s was only distantly echoed in the Valley. Practitioners of yoga, for instance, were few and far between, and yoga schools even fewer and farther ...

Floating Yogis Find Balance

new business teaches yoga atop paddleboards

Practicing yoga involves an unbelievable amount of balance. But imagine taking that to the extreme, standing in a one-legged tree pose on a wobbly board, fighting the forces of gravity that are attempting ...

High Fives All Around

phoenix park yoga gathering is accessible, warm, and peaceful

Summer: the season of flip-flops, melted popsicles, and pollen dancing with the breeze. We all crave it (minus the allergies) after the long, cold darkness of winter ...

Telling Our Fitness Stories

human health report's fitness testimonials jerk tears, inspire personal action

Jeff Rogers is a local personal trainer who has dedicated almost a decade of his life to helping people get more fit, become more active, and prioritize their personal health ...

Overcoming Enormous Odds

Dragonfly throws benefit for instructor hurt in car accident

Get down and give Josh Bafford 20 push-ups. On Saturday, Feb. 27, Dragonfly Dance and Wellness is holding a whole day of events to benefit one of their fitness instructors, Josh Bafford, who was left paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident last year. Despite the injury, Josh returned to work the morning following ...

Spectating: An Endurance Sport of its Own

without people to watch, races are just training sessions with strangers

I am an elite member of the competitive world of distance race spectating. I have worked my way to the first wave of watchers. In my life, I am surrounded by endurance athletes. My husband ...

On the Way to Wellness

feed your mind, body, and mouth at the third annual wellfest

Calling all foodies, health nuts, fitness freaks, and wellness geeks! Think you are living healthfully? Prove it ...

Get Out and Get Fit

fun ways to stay active (mostly) outside in the winter

We’ve all made the promises before, but that doesn’t stop us from making them again: We’re going to focus on getting fit in the New Year – No, for real this time!

Changing Your Mind

hypnotherapy can be a tool for positive improvement

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hypnosis? Perhaps it’s the swinging pocket watch luring you into a trance or memories ...