Ski Sprites' Downtown Frights

annual haunted house sponsored by the Eau Claire Ski Sprites moves downtown

Barbara Arnold, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Halfway up the Dewey Street Hill – in a block of darkness – in a non-descript gray cement building with the windows painted over – projecting out of THE slope of the hill – with newly added bright orange neon lights on the roof – is downtown Eau Claire’s only haunted house, the Van Krumple Mortuary & Crematorium ...

5 Spooky Places in the Chippewa Valley

longtime paranormal investigator Chad Lewis offers his list of top scary spots

Chad Lewis

As you prepare to engage in the splendid Halloween traditions of putting up decorations, carving jack-o’-lanterns, and deciding on which terrifying costume best suits you, don’t forget about the more sinister side of the holiday. According to legend, as Halloween approaches, the veil that separates our world ...

Haunted House 101

tips for scaring your Halloween guests in the best possible way

Eric Larson

A lot of people are at least mildly claustrophobic, so making them crawl at certain points will make them freak out. Perhaps the most classic laugh-scare utilizes darkness ...

Some Boo-Riffic Reads

hunt down the spookiest stories and most terrifying tales Wisconsin has to offer

Lindsey Quinnies

Chilling tales of murder, suicide, and untimely death brought to you by one of the Midwest’s most famous paranormal experts. Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on ...

Haunters Gonna Haunt

local group aims to track down the area’s most paranormal of activities

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s finally October. That means changing leaves, crisp air and drinking hot chocolate on late-night walks through downtown. It also means is Halloween is right around the corner. For some, Halloween ...

10 Boo-rific Wisconsin Reads

spooky books available at The Local Store (205 N Dewey St., EC)

Spooky Sconnie books available at The Local Store (205 N Dewey St., EC).

Titanic Terror

former locals' novel combines zombies with .... the Titanic?

Anna Field, Lindsey Quinnies

As an avid Halloween lover and frequent reader, I can’t imagine a better October release book than a novel about Zombies…on the Titanic. Deck Z: The Titanic is a new book (their first novel) by semi-local authors Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon that ...

Haunting the Hollow

new Halloween festival outside Eau Claire offers frightful sights for all ages

Andrea Paulseth, Lindsey Quinnies

Halloween Hollow, a spooky entertainment event for both young people and families, has crept its way into the Chippewa Valley in hopes of becoming a standard part of our city’s annual Halloween entertainment. Halloween Hollow features several ...

Silent Film: Phantom of the Opera

featuring the organ stylings of Mark Pruett

Kristin Frosch

For those looking for a classically sophisticated way to celebrate Halloween, the Mabel Tainter is presenting the 1925 silent film, Phantom of the Opera, complete with live music accompaniment by the accomplished Menomonie composer, organist, and...

Ramping Up the Terror

the Village of Terror makes major upgrades

Trevor Kupfer

You’d think a debut event that attracted more than 10,000 people would make the organizers celebrate. But by the time the Village of Terror was over last year, organizers were too busy to celebrate, they were already starting to plan for next year.

Zombie Crawlin'

Eau Claire joins national trend of brain-hunting pub crawl events

Maggie McCracken

Headed up by locals Greg Bauwens and Stephanie Calkins, Eau Claire’s first annual Zombie Crawl is forecasted to be a thrilling, creative, and wildly fun community-centered party. 

It’s A-MAZE-ing

Govin’s haunted maze has a plot, thanks to Menomonie Theater Guild

Trevor Kupfer

“They’ll be presented with a scenario that they’ll be able to ‘act’ through. They’ll still be led through a haunted maze, but things will come up that play into the plot and setting.” – Ryan Peterson, MTG’s maze director

Village of Terror

the Valley hasn’t seen anything this massive for Halloween

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Some of the most respected haunted house critics say if you want to truly experience a place, you have to go on the first and last nights.

Haunts of EC Bus Tour

UWEC Players combine scares with improv comedy

Eric Larson

If there was one thing Sam Raimi (director of Drag Me To Hell and the Evil Dead series) did well, it was balance.

Spook Houses, Tours, and Trails

V1 Staff

The most popular haunted house in western Wisconsin expects to attract about 10,000 people to the town of Roberts, roughly an hour from Eau Claire, for this zombie-infested abode complete with a Kids Zone.

Case 1031: Bridge Street Investigations

join a real paranormal investigation

Kristin Frosch

This Halloween, those fascinated with the paranormal have the opportunity to join a real investigative team, searching for answers behind one of Chippewa Falls’ most notorious supposed haunted locations.

Haunted House 101

tips on creating your own scary experience from others who have done so locally and nationally

V1 Staff

To start things off, you’ll need a location. This bit can be tricky. Fortunately, a big venue isn’t always needed – the focus here should be on quality, not quantity.

Haunted Listings

costumes, décor, pumpkins, and more

V1 Staff

Enjoy FREE hotdogs and soda if you are sporting a costume. Judging by local celebrities will start at 7:30 with great prizes for the winning child, family, and adult.

Hauntings 2010: An Introduction

Eric Larson

I remember my first scary Halloween experience vividly. I was 7 years old, and my best friend invited me to the haunted house ...