A Party Environment

reducing plastic and disposables for summer parties and get-togethers

It is not as difficult as it may seem to reduce a wasteful carbon footprint, especially when it comes to disposables associated with summer parties and festivals. By now all of you own reusable bags and water bottles, right? Of course you do.

Energy Service Corps

new program offers free energy assessments for Eau Claire

Do you leave lights on while your gone? Take hour-long showers? Never clean the lint trap in your dryer? Yes, most of us don’t pay attention to these small details around the house, but not doing so is throwing money away through the added energy costs.

30 Greenest Vehicles

according to JD Power & Associates

Of course, this list is only about personal vehicles, and doesn’t include the most environmentally friendly transportation options.

Local Businesses Trying To Be Green

a few area businesses doing something to be more environmentally conscious

As summer heats up and the daily temperature climbs toward 90 degrees, cooling off in the water sounds better and better.

Right as Rain Gardens

what they can do and why you should do it

I’ve spent many summers working in gardens, tending to vegetable plants and my mother’s flowers. But until recently, I had never heard of a rain garden. So I decided to look them up. Turns out, these things are pretty cool.

Clean Green

substitute noxious chemicals with homemade concoctions

Cleaning can be painful. Literally. Many common household cleaning products contain at least one of hundreds of chemicals that can damage both our earth and our bodies. If you’re seeking healthy alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

Where the Rabbits Roam

pets trim up and provide fertilizer for lawn

Most homeowners do everything they can to keep rabbits off their lawn, not to mention their gardens. Remember Mr. McGregor?

Composting Boasting

winter time is no time to stop biodegrading stuff

If you feel burnt out with your current lifestyle, if you feel totally zombified by your TV and cell phone and iPod and electric foot massagers and toaster ovens ... try a big, stinky compost pile. It works for me.

The News in Food

conferences join forces to grow local food knowledge

I’m surely not the only Foodie geeking out about the line-up for the Midwest Value Added Agriculture Conference and Wisconsin Local Food Summit.