5 Fun Projects: Turn Trash into Fun

We throw away tons of or trash every week and honestly, a lot of it isn’t so much trash as stuff we just don’t want anymore. Here are five ways to have fun with some of that stuff you’re bored of.

BrightFarms touts rooftop produce system

Wasted space and “food miles.” These are two areas in which most supermarkets, no matter how sustainable their operations try to be, fail to get a green stamp of approval, but one New York company aims to change that.

Food for Thought

it’s high time for a foodie movement documentary series

What started as an idea to show one food film in Menomonie has become an eight-week series both in Menomonie and Eau Claire. Food for Thought is a first of its kind in the Valley...

Sustainability Session Include Solar, Geothermal

At this point, most people have recognized and responded to the ever-increasing need to implement more sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. And the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire’s Chamber of Commerce are presenting a series on...

An electric car station in Eau Claire?

B&B Electric is looking into it

It’s electric! Some of you may or may not have heard the gossip about an electric car charging station being brought to Eau Claire. Well, B&B Electric wants to turn this station from rumor to reality.

Where the Rabbits Roam

pets trim up and provide fertilizer for lawn

Most homeowners do everything they can to keep rabbits off their lawn, not to mention their gardens. Remember Mr. McGregor?

Composting Boasting

winter time is no time to stop biodegrading stuff

If you feel burnt out with your current lifestyle, if you feel totally zombified by your TV and cell phone and iPod and electric foot massagers and toaster ovens ... try a big, stinky compost pile. It works for me.

The News in Food

conferences join forces to grow local food knowledge

I’m surely not the only Foodie geeking out about the line-up for the Midwest Value Added Agriculture Conference and Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

Eating Your Yard

a local Food Not Lawns chapter sprouts in Eau Claire

“If you till up your ground and plant something there, you’d be surprised how much you like it. And you won’t need to mow.”

Go Green is sponsored by:

Xcel Energy
Eau Claire

Go Green is sponsored by:

Xcel Energy
Eau Claire