to help us all enjoy the concert series…



Alcohol is only allowed in the immediate labyrinth area, and during Thursday concert hours (6-9pm) only. Regular laws and fines are in effect on all sidewalks and streets throughout the neighborhood at all times. Once you leave the concert area, if you’re on the sidewalk or street with ANY open containers, you are in violation of city code. That’s a $213 fine – and what’s worse is if you screw this up you could ruin it for everybody. (Official language below.)



If you choose to smoke while at the concert series, please be mindful of those around you. While we are outdoors, the smoke can often still linger. Consider smoking on the outskirts of the event away from other people. This is a common complaint by concert goers.



At this time, pets are welcome at the concert series. However, keep pets under control at all times (and of course, pick up after them). If you choose to bring a pet, for the comfort of everyone (including small children), please consider staying on the outskirts of the event where you have plenty of room and keep them on a leash.



On Thursday nights, the parking lots in the area get full pretty fast. Consider biking or walking to the event whenever possible to keep congestion down. In fact, that’s the way to experience the park and the concert series in full. If you’re not doing that, you’re cheating yourself.



The new public restrooms are located to the north of the labyrinth area, next to the Farmers Market Pavilion. Others are located to the east of the RCU building, near Barstow Street. You can easily walk to either.


9.52.030 Consumption or the possession of open containers on streets.

The consumption of or possession of a container which is open and which contains fermented malt beverage or intoxicating liquor as defined by the statutes of the state of Wisconsin, which are herein incorporated by reference, on the streets, sidewalks, alleys or boulevards of the city, is prohibited except at such times and such places as may be specifically exempted temporarily from the provisions hereof from time to time by the city council in connection with public celebrations. This section prohibits the above acts even though the person who violates them is within or upon a vehicle or other conveyance. (Ord. 3684, 1976; Ord. 3300 §I, 1972; Ord. 3157 §I, 1970; prior code §5.01(b)).