A Barista’s Art, Outside of the Cup

Jen Schultz shares her published art through her love of coffee

Evelyn Nelson

As the pandemic continues to impact local artists and businesses in Eau Claire, Jen Schultz – a barista and analog collage artist – has found a way to continue both of her passions at SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar ...

Oh So Swede: New Coffee Shop Has Scandinavian Inspiration

Kahvi Coffee House + Cafe in Eau Claire serves up fika mochas and more

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Before starting Kahvi Coffee House and Cafe in Eau Claire, owner April Becker did not drink coffee. “Now I drink it daily,” she said, “and I crave it.” ...

Arm Yourself With Bulletproof Coffee

the buzz on butter-fortified beans

Diana Peterson

Bulletproof coffee is all over social media. Some people say it allows you to be creative and super focused. To others, it’s a lot of hype about nothing. Or maybe it’s ...

The Nostalgic Bean: Restored for Pours

coffee, croissants, and kismet at Altoona coffee shop

Steph Mickelson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In April 2018, Jennifer Rust Anderson and her husband, Matt, purchased the former barber shop at the corner of Lynn Avenue and Division Street in Altoona. With a flaking pink paint ...

Hot Coffee Trends From a Local Coffee Fanatic

Jen Ekblad

In my world, coffee is not just a beverage – it is a way of life. My go-to is an iced caramel macchiato with nonfat milk. But lately I have been intrigued by a few hot trends popping up on social media and at our local coffee shops ...

6 Coffee Tricks for Doing Your Best Buying and Brewing

Colin Carey, photos by Madisyn Kephart

My obsession with coffee started seven years ago, while I was working at the local teahouse, Infinitea. I discovered that much like tea, coffee from different parts of the world has dramatically different flavor qualities ...

Altoona's New Coffee Joint Brings Beans From All Over the World

Diana Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Getting coffee has become an important part of our morning (and afternoon, and evening) routine. Coffee is more than a beverage: It’s a science, a passion, and a way of life. Cabin Coffee in Altoona’s River Prairie has figured that out ...

Chippewa Roasters Keep it Fresh

Jake Johnston, photos by Madisyn Kephart

Have you heard of coffee? Did you drink some this morning? Probably. Do not worry. You and I are among hundreds of millions of people globally who do. We are talking about one of the most consumed beverages ever.

Grandma’s Coffee Pot

a story of family, loss, and how we grow up without even realizing it

Cassandra Kyser

love coffee, so it’s easy for me to forget that I used to abhor the stuff. I started drinking it in my early 20s, as a way to cope with being a night owl in an early bird’s world. I had previously worked ...

Caffeinate EC: A Guide to Unique Offerings From Chippewa Valley Cafés

Brendon Paucek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire’s many coffee houses are not one in the same. Each one has some creative minds behind the counter experimenting, testing, and drawing inspiration from all kinds of places to create some fantastic drinks for your next ...

Blugold Brains, Blugold Beans

UWEC entrepreneurial students bring new coffee brand to EC

Hannah Mumm

Last fall, a simple suggestion sparked an initiative to create a UW-Eau Claire brand of coffee. In the span of a single year, that idea has evolved into a thriving young company called Blugold Roast ...

Coffee on Draft

new N7 Café offers nitro coffee on wheels

Natalie Rosenkranz, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Attention all caffeine fiends of the Chippewa Valley: Eau Claire has another coffee outlet wheeling its way into town, and I’m not just waxing lyrical about it. That’s right: N7 Café is a mobile café that offers cold brew coffee as well as nitro coffee on draft ...

Increasing the Tempo

downtown coffee shop Caffe Tempo opening Water Street location

Katie Larson

Just two blocks west of UW-Eau Claire’s lower campus along Water Street, a new coffee shop with a familiar name, Caffe Tempo, hopes to be a place where people of all ages and a range of artistic ...

Cart and Soul

Soul Brewed mobile coffee finds a home in downtown Eau Claire

Laura Lash, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The beans are sealed in an unbleached, soft brown envelope of a bag. The company name, Soul Brewed Coffee Roasters, is scrawled in a seemingly quill-inked print. An evergreen stands tall beside the name, as if nature ...

The Coffee King: the UWEC grad behind Seattle’s Best

Tom Giffey

Jim Stewart didn’t always love coffee. In fact, as a UW-Eau Claire student in the 1960s, he generally avoided the stuff. “It was just nauseating,” he recalls now. “I didn’t like it.” He does remember one cup he enjoyed, however, a mug of java he drank in his kitchen ...

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