Sampson Brothers - Native American Hoop Dancers

As world-renowned hoop dancers, Lumhe and Samsoche Sampson (Mvskoke Creek/Seneca)—a.k.a. the Sampson Brothers— strive to promote cultural pride, unity, and hope by setting a positive example through art, education, and dance. They hope to give back to their tribe and the Indigenous community as a whole by breaking stereotypes and thus creating opportunities for generations to come. Hoop dance has been the Brothers' passion and instrument of choice since they first learned as young boys. While the Powwow styles of Grass and Fancy dance were their origins when they began to walk, they were always encouraged to "never stop learning" and try more... That's when They picked up their first hoops as a way to inform and share their culture with their peers at school assemblies, however hoop dancing quickly became a means of living, and ultimately, a way of life. More than 25 years later, they have since performed for thousands of people in more than half a dozen countries.

Cost: Adults $20, Seniors $19, Youth $13

Age: All Ages


Sat. Feb. 8   7:30-9pm

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The Heyde Center for the Arts
3 South High St.
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729