Ash Borer 101

Wed. May. 2nd, 2018  |  Lauren Fisher

The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of beetle that infests and kills ash trees, was discovered in Eau Claire County in December of 2017. It’s been a slow crawl across the United States from Michigan ...

Locomotive Commotion

conference to examine future of rail in region

Wed. Apr. 18th, 2018  |  Lauren Fisher

The West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition has been laying the tracks to revive passenger rail service from Eau Claire to the Twin Cities for decades, and now, Leadership Eau Claire is helping ...

Hiking Beyond the Valley

grab your boots and bug spray, then hit the road to find these fabulous hiking spots

Thu. Apr. 5th, 2018  |  Rob Reid, photos by Rob Reid

Last year, I wrote an article for Volume One titled 25 Hiking Trails in the Chippewa Valley, which you can read online at For hiking enthusiasts willing to drive a bit outside of the area ...

Why the Hell Would I Drive to Chippewa?

maybe it’s time you explored the rest of the Valley

Fri. Jan. 26th, 2018  |  Mike Paulus, illustrated by Ian Kloster

The other day I was trying to figure out what you call someone from Chippewa Falls. I settled on “Chippewa Fallsian.” Sure, it sounds like a rebel assassin from Star Wars, but I think it works. We’ve been ...

LOCAL BABIES: The Year of Jack (and Jackson and Jaxson)

the biggest baby names of 2017

Tue. Jan. 23rd, 2018  |  Tom Giffey

If you don’t know Jack, you will soon enough. “Jack” and several of its variations – Jackson and Jaxson – were among the most popular baby names in the Chippewa Valley during the just-completed year, according to area hospitals ...

Teaching Folks to Fish

get all the anglers’ tricks while you fish for free

Fri. Jan. 12th, 2018  |  Haley Wright, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A Free Fishing Weekend event hosted by the Chippewa Family YMCA, Chippewa Rod and Gun Club, and the DNR will take place Jan. 20, from 1-3 pm on the Glen Loch Lake Reservoir directly below ...

Forward Passed: How Dorais Field Got Its Name

more than a century ago, Gus Dorais – a future Notre Dame star and NFL coach – got his first taste of football stardom in Chippewa Falls

Fri. Sep. 8th, 2017  |  Joe Niese

Over the last four decades thousands of football players have played at Dorais Field in Chippewa Falls. So, who exactly was Gus Dorais? In short, he was one of the most important figures of football in the first half of the 1900s ...

Paws for a Cause

dress up your doggo and walk for the Humane Association

Fri. Sep. 8th, 2017  |  Measha Vieth

Do you ever wish there were more events and activities you could bring your four-legged friends along to? Or, you don’t have a dog, but really love them and just want to be surrounded by a bunch of tail wagging ...

Building Endurance

CF native offers training, advice for diverse clients

Wed. Aug. 23rd, 2017  |  by Samantha Kobs

Ever gone for a 105-mile run? Chippewa Falls native Jake Nash has. He’s also run more than 20 marathons – one of them just six months after a back surgery. And last year, he completed the Ironman Wisconsin ...

The Wonders of Wissota

honoring Lake Wissota’s centennial with a musical

Fri. Aug. 11th, 2017  |  Max Martinson

With the 100 year anniversary of the creation of Lake Wissota comes a play honoring the amazing feat that took place a century ago. Jerry Way, the man behind the production of “Wissota in the Making” ...

150 Years of Excellence

Over the last 150 years, the legendary Chippewa Falls brewery has been through it all – here's where they're going next.

Wed. Aug. 9th, 2017  |  Eric Christenson, photos by Paul Bialis

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company is celebrating an incredible milestone in 2017: 150 years of brewing beer in Chippewa Falls. Leinenkugel’s has an immaculately rich history of turning Chippewa’s fresh spring water into world-renowned beer since the 19th century ...