Point vs. Leinie's

the pride of Stevens Point goes head-to-head with Chippewa’s finest

Leinie’s Original is always a solid choice among run-of-the-mill beers when you’re looking to drink something for long periods (bringing a case to a party, for instance). But you’ll find light beer drinkers opting away from it if it’s in...

Taste the Unexpected

area beers and cheeses that combine unique, strange, and downright weird

Once opened and poured, this beer displays a dark hazelnut color with a half-inch tan head. As you lean in to take a whiff you find yourself initially overwhelmed with the mint, which quickly mellows to reveal hints of both chocolate and coffee.

Home Is Where the Beer Is

the rising popularity of brewing your own beer

Whenever I tell people I brew my own beer I get very mixed reactions. Most people are surprised that someone without access to a brewery full of equipment even has the ability to brew beer, and others ask if it’s even legal to do so.

Getting Better With Age ...

the delicious past and present of Wisconsin’s most famous cheese creations

As a way to keep the cheese pure in form, more and more artisan cheese makers are going away from adding coloring to the cheese, which leaves it a natural white.

Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese in The Local Store

This is a story of farmers, milk cows, dairy barns, green pastures, and the cheese makers who work their magic and turn milk into cheese.

You're in Lager Country

how Wisconsin and Eau Claire came to be famous world-wide for a celebrated kind of beer

“The chemical make-up of the water here really makes it an ideal spot to brew. The type of yeast needed works best in a cool, damp environment, which is also readily available with all the caves.” – Tim Kelly, brewmaster at Northwoods