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books about Wisconsin beer and cheese in The Local Store

V1 Staff

The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin $25
Wisconsin produces more than 600 varieties of cheese, and here are the people who do it!

Cheese, the Making of a Wisconsin Tradition $19
This is a story of farmers, milk cows, dairy barns, green pastures, and the cheese makers who work their magic and turn milk into cheese.

Wisconsin Cheese $17
So, you have cheese, and this book will tell you what kind it is and how to best enjoy it.

Wisconsin’s Hometown Flavor $19
Bakeries, meat markets, candy shops ... oh, and cheese! Find all the best here.

The Miller Beer Barons $22
The complete story of the family that built a beer empire, survived prohibition, and continues to intoxicate!

Breweries of Wisconsin $20
Beer. Wisconsin. The two go hand in hand, right? This book will tell you quite a bit about how Wisconsin came to be the nation’s brewing leader and how it continues to thrive.

Wisconsin’s Best Breweries and Brewpubs $25
Detailed information on more than 60 breweries?! You bet, along with a taster’s chart you an use to record your own preferences!

Tavern League: Portraits of Wisconsin Bars $30
Award winning photographer Carl Corey brings you the feel of sitting down in a tavern and enjoying a drink with a friend, or just someone sitting down the bar.

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