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Memories of Change

CVM’s Ralph Owen sequel recalls Eau Claire, 1920-1960

And I Won't Forget to Put Roses on Your Grave

watering cemetery flowers has meant a lot to us for a long time

Among homo sapiens, ceremonial burial dates back at least 130,000 years. ... Of course almost all ancient things are buried – hence archaeology – but at least after that point, the bodies we find weren’t buried by time, but by friends and family.

Walk Ways

city, citizens try to improve pedestrian culture in EC

At my old college, there was a myth that if you were hit by a car while walking in a campus crosswalk, the college would pay for all four years of your tuition. At $30,000 dollars a year, we gullible freshmen were flinging ourselves into the road.

New Wars

Cathy Sultan focuses on Lebanon once again

"Tragedy has given me a chance to talk about a region of the country long neglected and ignored, one that has borne the burden of repeated aggression and devastation." -Cathy Sultan

This Deer's Life

animal and motorist lives collide in northwestern WI

On one side, people will vehemently defend the deer, motivated by what I assume is a love of furry animals and Bambi-themed bed sheets. On the other side, helpless-feeling drivers don’t want to be blamed for the incident.