Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Downtown Eau Claire: The Holidays on Display

photos by Tina Ecker

Time for quiet reflection ... local photographer Tina Ecker captured some holiday spirit in a window-gazing journey through downtown Eau Claire (December 2019).

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

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A full-sized nutcracker greets patrons in the Pablo Center at the Confluence (128 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire).
A rustic stuffed reindeer stands stoic with it's red scarf at 200 Main Art and Wine Gallery (200 Main Street, Eau Claire).
White string lights and red holly berries contrast a cold Winter evening at Urban Style (201 Gibson Street, Eau Claire).
A nature scene cast in iron at Calico Shoppe (214 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire).
Vibrant blue ornaments against a white tree draws onlookers nearer to B-Framed Galleries (313 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire).
A solitary clear snowflake ornament encapsulating the busy lights of downtown at JCap Real Estate (212 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire).
Rustic, simple, and locally curated decorations on display at the Volume One Local Store (205 N. Dewey Street, Eau Claire).
A string of colored lights outlining the lobby window contrasts the illuminated patio at The Oxbow Hotel (516 Galloway Street, Eau Claire) .
Pine boughs and ornamental reflections during the day time at Raggedy Man (401 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire).
Accompanied by lights and classic wire-frame ornaments, those same pine boughs are brought to life during nighttime at Raggedy Man (401 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire).

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