Spooky Eau Claire Vibes

by Tina Ecker

Local photographer and paranormal investigator Tina Ecker was kind enough to share some of her favorite spooky photos from around Eau Claire. They may not expose any supernatural oddities, but they certainly showcase some of the area's natural beauty. Ecker's investigation group is called Clearwater Paranormal.

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Trees lining the road to St. Joseph's Chapel in Sacred Heart Cemetery.
The footbridge to Phoenix Park in Eau Claire.
The gates of the Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel in Forest Hill Cemetery.
Fog and branches at Lakeview Cemetery.
Forest Hill Cemetery with the Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel at the center.
The moon from Lakeview Cemetery.
On the trail along Half Moon Lake, just south of the beach.
Gazing down Putnam Drive.