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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    Hey, if you like those moving pictures in little boxes commonly referred to as “videos,” then have we got something exciting to show you – videos.

    Yes, that last sentence was kind of anticlimactic. But the videos aren’t. We’ve spent months scouring YouTube to find the coolest, weirdest, and prettiest videos that have some tie to the Chippewa Valley and the people who live here. We’ve even got some don’t-miss non-local stuff, too.

    If you haven’t checked out our video gallery, good gracious, do so now.

    Or you can just look to your right where you’ll find six of our favorite local videos. So hunch down in front of your screen and click play. You won’t regret it.

– Volume One

VIDEO: Volume One's Big Week, Jan. 12

VIDEO: Blugold Marching Band, Vatican City

VIDEO: In Defence, Live at Taco John's

VIDEO: The Clodhopper Report: "Sledding Part 1"

VIDEO: Classic Eau Claire Chevy Commercial

VIDEO: This Is Elk Mound

VIDEO: Eau Claire Valley Cat Bike Race 2008