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    Those of you who celebrate Christmas – or simply work in an office with one or two coworkers perpetually drunk on holiday cheer – have probably heard of “Secret Santa” (or “Secret Snowman” if your office maintains a culturally diverse workforce).

    Well, we here at Volume One are no exception. We began our own Secret Santa Experiment a few days ago. While we were drawing names and discussing some ground rules, one coworker (obviously infused with holiday spirit) declared, “OK, I ain’t MAKING you guys anything.”

    Which reminded me that almost everyone I’ve ever met, outside of a few über-jolly relatives, absolutely hates “homemade Christmas.” Why is this? Are people too lazy to conceive and create a suitable gift? Is it a Midwestern thing? Are we making ourselves too vulnerable by bestowing upon friends and family an intimate part of ourselves, exposing our creative talents or lack thereof?

    Usually, the homemade-haters far outnumber the homemade-lovers, and fistfights rarely breakout between the two groups. At any rate, the Volume One staff is not required to make their Secret Santa gifts, which is probably a good thing, because we’d all just make each other mix CDs anyway.

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