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Inbox Delight - Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter
Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    This is just a special little email to let you know about some special little deals we've got ready for you little ol' you ...

    First up, the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center is offering a super deep discount on remaining tickets for what’s probably going to be one of the coolest shows all season: East Village Opera Company for only 10 bucks. The group mashes opera and driving rock music, but this isn’t your average “rock opera” by any stretch of the imagination. This is blow-your-face-off huge music. Snag the coupon right here! (The show is on this Monday, Nov. 10.)

    Also, check out our new set of V1 Insider Giveaways. Every Monday, we'll be giving away $50 in prize booty from a local shop or restaurant. Check out the V1 Insider page and enter whatever giveaway drawings you like. Then, on Monday mornings, watch our Big Week video to see the winner announced. If you've won, you'll have a week to email us and claim your prize.

    All of our new giveaways and deals are listed to the right. Enjoy!

– Volume One