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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    Well, we’ve got a ghost in the office. Calm down – it’s not as cool as it sounds. It’s not a spooky ghost. There’s no long-forgotten murder mystery to solve so the ghost can move on. It’s not mischievous like a Harry Potter ghost, and it doesn’t watch over us like Ghost Dad. It’s not even friendly like that twerp Casper.

    We knew something was up when office supplies started mysteriously disappearing. And we’re pretty sure the ghost makes an absolute mess in the bathroom. There’s water everywhere – on the floor, all over the sink, on the walls. What’s up with that? And! It eats other people’s lunches out of the fridge. Their special homemade lunches. It never empties its trash, and now we have swarms of fruit flies. And half the time, it’s just sitting there on Facebook, doing absolutely nothing helpful at all.

    So on Halloween night, we’re going to exercise the demon by blasting it with some V1 Podcasts. We’re hoping the top-notch local audio will inspire it to do something worthwhile – just like the fine local folks who make the podcasts for Or maybe the roar of four different podcasts (chockfull of music, commentary, and conversation) played simultaneously will annoy it into moving on to someone else’s office, where it CANNOT use us as a reference.

    Happy Halloween!

– Volume One

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Sponsored Eatery
Bresina's Old Town Bar & Grill

Chippewa Falls  -  This friendly hometown bar in Tilden features a number of daily specials including burgers, chicken wings, homemade pizzas, soups, and a Friday fish fry. They are happy to host special events in their two private party rooms, or outdoors in their large pavilion with a private bar, capable of seating over one hundred.

Manny’s Cocina

Eau Claire  -  Manny’s Cocina strives to create a grand view of coastal Mexico through its lush interior and succulent menu packed with seafood, steaks, and Mexican specialties. Signature items include the Seven Seas Burrito packed with scallops, jumbo white shrimp, and Mahi-mahi – all covered in jalapeño and chipotle sauces. Locals also love the jumbo crab-stuffed shrimp, wrapped in bacon and grilled. Outdoor seating and party space available. Vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, extended wine listing, and happy hour all day Sunday.