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Volume One's Weekly Email Newsletter

    The staff of Volume One was troubled this week when we woke up to frost on our car windshields. This was a heinous development. Fear not – we made short work of the nasty ice, whipping out our Volume One-issued laser powered windshield frost evaporators. But it just seems too soon for this kind of weather-related nonsense.

    And naturally, the question on all of our minds concerns bathing suits: Is it too ungodly cold to go swimming? Of course it is, you silly turnips. It’s like 30 degrees outside. So in lieu of diving into frigid local lakes and freezin’ your bejeezus off, how about you visit a pool of another kind?

    Our Community Pool is there for you. And while it may not quench your thirst for Michael Phelps-style backstroking, it will certainly get you some attention. The Community Pool is a public blog – for you. All you need is a V1 Dashboard account, and you can throw up blog posts about whatever you want (just click Submit Post). The newest post always appears on the V1 homepage and anyone can comment on your content. It’s a great what to start discussions or get the word out about things – your things.

Happy swimming.

–Volume One

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Sponsored Eatery
Manny’s Cocina

Eau Claire  -  Manny’s Cocina strives to create a grand view of coastal Mexico through its lush interior and succulent menu packed with seafood, steaks, and Mexican specialties. Signature items include the Seven Seas Burrito packed with scallops, jumbo white shrimp, and Mahi-mahi – all covered in jalapeño and chipotle sauces. Locals also love the jumbo crab-stuffed shrimp, wrapped in bacon and grilled. Outdoor seating and party space available. Vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, extended wine listing, and happy hour all day Sunday.

Thai Orchid Restaurant

Eau Claire  -  Thai Orchid Restaurant lets you customize your dish with your preferred level of spiciness, ranging from “seriously, not hot at all” to “seriously, get me some water.” Some local favorites include the Pad Thai with chicken or the delicious Drunken Noodles. If you're vegetarian, there are plenty of options as well, such as the green curry with tofu. Get a free dessert on your birthday.

Grand Avenue Café

Eau Claire  -  A quaint (and popular) little café known for its sandwiches, quiches, homemade soups, and bread pudding. Capitalize on one of their creative lunch specials. Gourmet espresso, vegetarian friendly, outdoor seating, breakfast served till 11am on weekdays and all day on the weekend. 

Taco John’s - Menomonie

Menomonie  -  Original tacos, burritos, Potato Oles and more.

Maple Lounge & Café

Eau Claire  -  A cozy family place that’s open for breakfast and lunch until 1:15pm. The homemade chicken dumpling soup is a must, as is the classic roast beef sandwich. Breakfast served on Sunday until 11:30am, private party room, and free Wi-Fi.