Stay Calm and Love Your Pets

ECCHA statement on COVID-19 and household pets

With the latest news announcement stating that a pet dog in North Carolina tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes COVID-19), the Eau Claire County Humane Society wants to remind the public that ECCHA is committed to bringing you the facts about COVID-19 cases that affect animals.

The ECCHA can confirm that there is still no reason to fear your pet or pets in general. There is no evidence dogs and cats can spread the virus to humans.

The CDC recommendations for people and pets:

  • Wash your hands
  • Social distance with a 6-foot space between you and other people when out in public for essential errands or when walking your dogs on a leash
  • Do not let pets interact with people or other animals outside the household. Avoid dog parks or public places where a large number of people and dogs gather.
  • Leave cats that are not your pets alone unless they are in an emergency. Keep owned, indoor cats inside with you.

It is important pet owners have a plan. Anyone with a pet should have a plan for backup caregivers with detailed care instructions in case the worst happens and you have to go to the hospital.

Visit www.eccha.org for helpful resources regarding COVID-19 and your pets.