Improve Health With Less Screen Time

V1 Staff

Screens have become a big part of life. Growing evidence shows less screen time positively affects health through: Improved physical health, decreased obesity, increased time to try new activities, improved mood, enhanced relationships. Try these tips to slim your screen time:

Be accountable. Make an agreement with a group of friends or family to intentionally reduce screen time.

Be realistic. Start by setting small, attainable goals. Instead of jumping right to the recommended one to two hours or less a day, start by cutting your current screen time in half.

Go outside. Put the phone down and take a walk outdoors. Doing so increases your endorphins and provides that feeling of happiness in your brain, boosting mood and improving physical health.

Create a phone-free zone. Make family meals a phone-free zone. 

Use devices with your children. It’s important to interact with your children when screens are involved. Take the time to use screens with your children.

More than anything, adults should model appropriate screen time behavior for their children and disconnect to connect. Quality time with people in your life is important, and there’s no app for that.

Get more tips at ChippewaValleyFamily.org/tips