Let Some Art Fall into Your Kids’ Lives

A creative autumn idea for you and your children from the ARTmobile

Project Title: “Fall Pattern Leaves”


  1. Child will draw a basic leaf shape in pencil, then outline in marker.
  2. Then draw veins in the leaf to create separate sections.
  3. Use crayons to draw different patterns in different parts of the leaf.
  4. Finish the artwork by adding watercolors.

Age Level

Project should be easily accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from a grown-up.

Approximate Time

Project should be accomplished in 30 minutes or less.

Materials Needed

  • White paper
  • Pencils
  • Black markers
  • Crayons
  • Watercolors
  • Cups of water
  • Brushes

Educational Aspects

  • Kids will learn to draw leaves of different shapes.
  • Kids will learn what a pattern is and practice creating different patterns on different parts of the leaf.


  • Kids will be creative with making their own different patterns on their leaf.
  • Kids will practice manipulating art materials to create their desired artwork.

Looking for the ARTMobile? The ARTmobile, a program to connect children to the visual arts, was created by the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council. This fall, ECRAC is merging with Eau Claire’s new arts organization, the Pablo Center at the Confluence, and programs such as the ARTmobile are being transitioned to the Pablo Center. Keep an eye on pablocenter.org for future ARTmobile appearances!