Craft Time: Miro and Lines

V1 Staff


If you’d like, start with inspiration from one of these books (both available via the public library): Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman or When a Line Bends ... a Shape Begins by Rhonda Gowler Greene. You can also look online for examples of the work of Spanish artist Joan Miro, which is filled with curved and angular lines.
Participants will:

1. “Practice” making wild, wiggly, crazy lines, some that close and make shapes and some that might not.

2. If satisfied, find interesting shapes to fill in (with a solid color, more designs, or some kind of pattern) or begin a more committed drawing on the back side of the paper.

3. Add more detail to their line work, such as spikes, curlicues, words, etc.

Age Level

Project should be easily accomplished by ages 4 and up with help from an adult.

Approximate Time

Project should be accomplished in 30 minutes or fewer.

Materials Needed

• Blank white paper

• Markers, colored pencils

• Pencil sharpener

• Watercolor

• Paint brushes

• Paper towels

Educational Aspects

• Participants learn about a significant figure in art history.

• Participants learn about how lines can be used to create shapes or not and be expressive.

• Participants can appreciate the uniqueness of their work and find interesting elements in seemingly unlikely places.


• Allows participants to take ownership of their unique artwork.

• Teaches appreciation for artwork that is not necessarily “realistic.”

• Teaches how to use tools and materials appropriately.