Light the Way: Paper Lantern Craft

Eau Claire Regional Arts Council

You and your child can make a paper lantern that’s perfect for a New Years celebration!

Materials Needed

  • Six sticks (approximately 8 inches long each)
  • Tape
  • 12-inch piece of wire
  • 9-inch piece of wire
  • Glue
  • Small brush
  • Sheet of tissue paper
  • Battery-powered tea light (optional)


Create a triangle by taping together three twigs. Pinch the tape around the ends of each branch. If the branches break, you can repair them with tape.


Tape a branch to each corner of the triangle, then join the loose ends of the three new branches together at the top in a pyramid shape. (The original triangle will form the base of the pyramid.) Twist tape around the top.


Wrap the smaller piece of wire around the top of the pyramid to form a loop that can serve as a hanger.

Twist the larger piece of wire in the middle to form two loops. Work the tea light inside the loops. Attach the loose ends of the wire to both sides of the base of the pyramid.


Lightly brush glue onto an entire sheet of tissue paper. Set the lantern structure onto the wet tissue paper, then wrap the paper carefully up and around the lantern.

Next, lightly brush glue onto the outside of the lantern. If you wish, stick colorful bits and pieces of paper to the outside of the lantern. Hang to dry for about half an hour.

You can fashion a handle out of another stick if you’d like.