Look for "If History Had Legs" Art Installation at Prex Claires (June 15)

Mike Paulus

Amongst other art installations around downtown Eau Claire on Thursday, June 15 – part of the freshly announced Eau Claire Public Arts Council launch, as well as part of the city's Prex Claires events leading up to the Eaux Claires Music at Arts Festival on Friday and Saturday, you'll find "If History Had Legs." From the artists ...

"If History Had Legs" Installation

Our time and place has a scale and movement.  A crib representing human powered nomadism asks What time is this place? ... How did we get here? ... What innovations can we create to modern living that allow for humane, human scale, urban life? ... How can we guide movement to grow our sustainable home here in the Chippewa Valley?"

Presentation methods: The crib will be stationed at Grand and Barstow Street on June 15.  A film inside the crib will screen current conditions juxtaposed against historical conditions and crossings on Barstow and Graham Ave.  Think of it as a kind a of time machine.  Photos gathered at Chippewa Valley Museum are key crossing locations for before and after images.